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New Al Fresco Piece by Scott Tucker

Artist Scott Tucker has recently announced plans for his latest art piece. Never Be Bored will cover the story with photos and information on Tucker's new work.


Auburn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2015 --In their upcoming article, Never Be Bored features the beginning of Scott Tucker's latest piece. He will be painting his new piece entirely in public in al fresco style starting next month. Tucker will be working outside of his storefront display, allowing the public to see every step of his creative process.

"It will be very interesting to see the effect this has with the public," says John Thomas, staff writer of Never Be Bored. "The process of making art is usually a very private and personal affair, so we will get an unusual glimpse into an artist's studio. When Tucker agreed to let us photograph his process, we were both excited and surprised."

The large canvas piece will be placed in Tucker's storefront each night until completion. Upon completion of the work the photos will be available for purchase and download in various formats. Tucker insists this is not a publicity gimmick and is just exploring his artistic space.

"I want to be able to paint with the same emotion and ability no matter my environment," say Tucker. "This project will give me the chance to be truly conscious of my environment with the end goal of forgetting it entirely. Hopefully this will inspire some of the new generation to try al fresco painting, it really creates beautiful art."

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is an artist based out of Cranberry, NJ. He has shown his work in galleries all along the east coast and received several awards for his canvas work. He currently stays in New Jersey with his wife Rita and daughter Tara.

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