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Scott Tucker Announces Children's Science Camp

Physics teacher Scott Tucker will begin registration for his summer science camp this month. Our Family Fun Night gives a behind the scenes walk-through of the program with the creator himself.


Redmond, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2015 --Our Family Fun Night, the website for hot tips on new family activities, announced in a recent article that registration will be open in June for Scott Tucker's science camp. Open to ages four to fourteen, this is the first time Tucker has run an event of this size. The camp beings the second week in July and runs for six concurrent weeks.

"To have someone of Tucker's talent running the show for something like this is a real treat for all the kids involved," says Holly Bickers, editor of Our Family Fun Night. "His teaching is always fun and entertaining, but not only that, it is honest. He can relate to his audience whether it be a group, large or small, or one to one and that is something hard to find in today's world."

The camp will feature different topics each week including but not limited to: bugs and insects, air and wind, water works, and light propulsion. Children are encouraged to bring their own ideas to the camp as well. During the last week some of the ideas will be chosen to be the weekly theme. Kids will come away from the camp with supplemental materials and exclusive access to Tucker's website with tons of games and educational content.

"This kind of thing is why I became a teacher in the first place," says Tucker. "I can truly connect with some interested kids and hopefully they can take it from there. The website will take over where the camp leaves off, and ideally keep interest going until next years camp comes back around."

Tucker's science camp starts the second week in July with registration currently open. Limited spots are available.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker teaches in Wisconsin and has taught in the United States for the past 20 years. His students have ranged from Pre-K to high school ages, Tucker usually prefers teaching in the elementary level. The past several years he has become more involved in community events, hosting several family oriented events and speaking at local town meetings. Tucker resides in Milwaukee with his wife Abby and children Allison and Charlie.

About Our Family Fun Night
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