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Scott Tucker Hosts Go Fly a Kite Day

Community organizer Scott Tucker announces Go Fly a Kite Day at Montgomery Park. Fun Games Blog will cover the event featuring photos and video live from the scene.


Manchester, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2015 --In their latest article, Fun Games Blog discusses the newest Montgomery Park community program "Go Fly a Kite Day". The event will feature up to a hundred registered kite fliers, hosted by small business owner Scott Tucker.

"This event is a great way to enjoy the early summer day with your family," says Jillian Fry, writer at Fun Games Blog. "With over 20 refreshment stations as well as games and prizes, there will be something for everyone. We spoke with Tucker briefly yesterday and he said that if all goes well they will be following up with another similar event in the future."

All food and refreshments will be serviced by local restaurants and eateries. Families are encouraged to support the community by eating at the event and are assured healthy food choices will be available for purchase. For those attendees too young or otherwise unable to handle a kite there will be games provided by volunteers from the local elementary and high schools.

"We really tried to make sure this wouldn't just be something for one or two people in the family with the rest just standing around," says Tucker. "Our goal is to get as much involvement as possibly, connecting people with others in the community they might not otherwise have met. That said there will be some excellent trick kites and lessons available for the serious kite enthusiasts as well."

Go Fly a Kite day with take place next month at Montgomery Park as detailed in the Fun Games Blog article. Registration is currently open with spots limited to one per family.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is the owner of Tucker's Electric, a small electronics store. He has operated his business for the past 12 years, organizing small community events and volunteering as much as three times per week.

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