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Scott Tucker Opens Breathing Spa

Physical therapist Scott Tucker has recently announced the opening of his Breathing Spa and Retreat Center. Fitness Life Stories will feature a behind the scenes walk through with photos and video.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2015 --Scott Tucker and his new sinus focused breathing spa are featured in the latest article from the Fitness Life Stories "Head Health" series. Opening next month, the spa will have several new treatment options for those with sinus problems.

"This is something we have not seen before," says Richard Wooles, research editor of Fitness Life Stories. "All the perks of a regular spa with the added features only a well seasoned breathing therapist could employ. Just entering the building you felt more relaxed and could breath a little easier."

The sinus rooms were created by Tucker with the help of several ear, nose, and throat specialists. All the newest research information was incorporated into the spa's treatments. The physical therapy rooms are staffed by Tucker and his team with a combined experience of more than six decades. The spa is currently taking memberships with discounts running through the end of the year.

"We want this to be a very open and welcoming place," says Tucker. "Our goal is to share information to those who want it, not push our views on our customers. If someone wants a traditional spa day, that's what they will get no questions asked. We will be constantly running specials with free clinics and seminars as well so the information will be hard to miss for anyone with interest."

Scott Tucker's Sinus Spa and Retreat opens next month. See Fitness Life Stories for more details and membership information.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is an active physical therapist based out of Philadelphia, PA. He currently works at his own practice with several other therapists and doctors. He focuses his work around family practice and sports medicine.

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