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Scott Tucker Plans Alaskan Tour

Author Scott Tucker announced he will document his upcoming 4 week long road trip of the pacific coastline of Alaska. Simply Awesome Cars will release videos and photographs of Tucker and his Prius he will be driving throughout his road trip.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2015 --Simply Awesome Cars, a site for car enthusiasts to discuss their favorite cars, will feature Scott Tucker's "Drive Alaska," a road trip covering the Alaskan pacific coastline. The road trip will pass through several top Alaskan lookouts and tourism favorites.

"Most of our audience want to drive muscle cars like a mustang on a road trip like this, but they would probably actually drive a Prius," says Simply Awesome Cars editor Jerry Wooler. "Tucker is more of a standard guy than he knows. Choosing a Prius for a road trip is almost as Americana as you can get, the fuel costs are low and the cars are known to be comfortable and reliable."

The Alaskan tour will be documented by short blog posts that Tucker will write each night of his 4 week long trip. Simply Awesome Cars will feature the posts from Tucker on their website 4 times in the upcoming month. Tucker will take small videos exclusively for Simply Awesome Cars and submit them after he has completed the trip.

"I am really excited to be working on this road trip as an author and a contributor to Simply Awesome Cars," says Tucker. "I have written about Americana for the past 10 years since I have been living on the road by myself. It will be incredible to not just be writing for myself, but to be working with other people it makes me feel like I have a support team for once."

The road trip will be documented on Tucker's blog and through Simply Awesome Cars website starting in July. Tucker will be selling posters and prints from his road trip on his blog after the trip is completed.

"A Prius seems like a weird car for Simply Awesome Cars to be covering but I think they're right, it is probably something the average guy can really relate to," says Tucker. "This collaboration is more about documenting the road trip, for both of us."

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