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Debut Film from Producer Scott Tucker Reviewed by Movie Favorites

Movie Favorites blog announces upcoming review of "The People In Our Lives", Scott Tucker's first full length film.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2015 --Movie Favorites announces the forthcoming review of Scott Tucker's first full-length film, "The People In Our Lives". The review is scheduled to appear in an article as part of a regular "Indie Film Appreciation" feature on the Movie Favorites website. The first film by Tucker focus's on the filmmakers technical skills.

"We review a lot of indie films and we see a wide range of quality in those films," says Alex Homer, editor of Movie Favorites. "One of the common problems is that independent film makers put much more emphasis on artistic value than on technical value, but in 'The People In Our Lives', it is clear that Scott Tucker did a top-notch job."

Tucker uses high quality camera equipment in his indie film to showcase his script and selection of actors. The upcoming article on Movie Favorites will review the work of Scott Tucker's video and production team and how it contributed to "The People In Our Lives".

"We want to inspire and educate future filmmakers and aspiring film fans. It's important for new filmmakers to realize that execution is even more important that vision when it comes to making a great film," says Homer. "Scott Tucker demonstrates how working with a professional-quality production and editing studio can make a film look more like a blockbuster hit and less like a home video. He has the genius to rent cameras that are above the standard quality and to use them in what would be just another cheap indie film, it makes them look amazing."

The debut movie will be shown in independent theaters of the Los Angeles county area for August and September exclusively. Tucker will enter the film in fall indie film festivals for professional consideration and review. Upcoming film information and announcements can be found on the official Tucker film production website.

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