Scoutynaut: A Comprehensive and Innovative Approach to Recruitment


Düsseldorf, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2015 --Since the beginning ages the requirement to work out of necessity or for reward has been a basic human expectation. In modern society a person could have any number of careers with any number of employers in any number of professions as opportunities are endless and location is not limited. Scoutynaut is the recruitment app of the future removing the hassle and stress of search websites and making real connections between job seekers and suitable, available positions. Scoutynaut are launching their Indiegogo campaign to gain the support necessary to fund outsourcing for sophisticated programming and technology.

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Employment advertising has turned to the world-wide-web to attract employees, and prospective workers are searching to find available employment opportunities. Keeping with technology, numerous job-seeking websites and apps are now readily available, however the connection between ideal candidates and available positions is not always achieved. Businesses can receive hundreds of applications and not find a suitable or desired candidate, and a qualified employee could miss the opportunity simply due to not knowing the position was available. Scoutynaut is an all new app with an innovative approach to recruitment that removes the risks and reduces the time spent in the process. Their mission statement is to provide employers and employees with exactly what they are looking for in the most efficient way possible, eliminating frustrations and potential scammers or misrepresentations.

Scoutynaut have turned to Indiegogo to raise required funding and support to help the app come to life with the highest quality design and efficient functioning. The importance of choosing the correct site platform for storage reasons, as well as crucial security protection to ensure the highest standards of privacy are met are two of many listed expenses the business is facing in the production phases. The prototype development of Scoutynaut was highly successful with the use of detailed algorithms to deliver a positive result for both parties. The full app design includes digital application for importation of documents, candidate video conferencing for online pre-interview meetings, the impressive accuracy of the matching system and a transparent, affordable pricing system.

About Scoutynaut
The Scoutynaut team have over 50 years of experience between them in design, IT and business backgrounds and are confident in the app design plan and features. They believe that the modern online job board is overrun by bad offers and outright scams and have addressed this issue by ensuring that the highest industry standards will be met by employers and employees alike. Scoutynaut is the new job board that combines the essential elements of advertising, recruiting and hiring into one convenient system.

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