Screw Grabber

Screwdriver Accessory Meets $18,000 Kickstarter Campaign Goal with a Day to Spare

The inventor of the “Screw Grabber,” an invention designed to hold non-magnetic screws on the end of screwdriver, has met his Kickstarter campaign goal with over $18,300 in pledges with a day left in his 30-day crowd funding campaign. His success means that Phillip Kauffman, a native of Lake Elsinore California, will get to keep the proceeds to fund manufacturing of his invention.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2014 --The inventor of the Screw Grabber, a new tool that securely holds non-magnetic screws on the end of a screwdriver, has successfully funded his Kickstarter campaign, attracting over $18,200 in funds with a day remaining in the campaign. “I don't know what to say to thank you enough,” said Phillip Kauffman in an update on the crowd funding site.

Supporters can still pre-order the first production run of Screw Grabbers on at the introductory price until the Kickstarter campaign ends on Saturday, March 22. A four-piece pack of Screw Grabbers is available for $7; a 40-piece Super Contractor Pack is available for $40. The estimated shipping date is June of 2014.

The Inland Empire native noted, “The last couple of days we have seen a huge jump in backers and pledges...We have a meeting setup with our manufacturer on Monday to go over the mold and production schedule. I'm pretty excited to get the Screw Grabber produced and into your hands.”

The patent-pending Screw Grabber is a simple silicone sleeve. One end of the sleeve has four internal ribs that run parallel to the screwdriver shank. The other end is divided into three sections with perpendicular grooves that hold screw heads ranging from 5/32” to 7/16” in diameter (4 mm to 12 mm). The Screw Grabber is designed for non-magnetic screws, and works on virtually any shape of screw head (pan, dome, mushroom, flat head, countersunk, flanged, etc.), and any type of driver (hex, Torx, straight slot, Phillips, etc.)

Kauffman’s solution for keeping screws screws on the end of a screw driver has already attracted interest from a major national hardware chain, and prototypes have received positive reviews. The Australian website Apocalypse Equipped noted that “not having to fumble with screws whilst doing a rapid assembly; shoring up a doorframe, adding additional locks, barricades or the like, saves time and effort. Not dropping valuable components whilst doing constructions, repairs or the like is another excellent reason to not be loosing your screws. Remember, not all screws are ferromagnetic, so simply having a magnetic tool-tip is not the perfect solution. Especially pertinent for maritime builders, or non-sparking requirements. These [Screw Grabbers] were a simple little addition, and I think I'll be leaving them on my favorite drivers, slipped out of the way, ready to use, no matter what comes.”

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