Sea Speed PC, LLC

Sea Speed PC, LLC Spins off from Seacoat SCT, LLC to Focus on Direct Sales of Sea Speed v-10 X ULTRA Hull Coatings

New e-Commerce business offers environmentally friendly, economical and durable paints and coating products for boats, ships and other watercraft.


Pinehurst, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2021 --Seacoat SCT, LLC, maker of Sea Speed V-10 X ULTRA hull coating products, announced today that it has spun off Sea Speed, PC, LLC a new business entity dedicated to e-Commerce consumer direct sales. The company's website,, offers a user-friendly website where customers can easily browse for products and purchase them through an online shopping cart.

"We were getting so much positive feedback from our customers, that we decided it was time to build a platform where they could engage with us directly," explained Dean Mainardi, CEO of Sea Speed PC. "We're off to an exciting start."

The products on the site, designed by Seacoat SCT, LLC include paints and coats for sailing boats, fishing boats, jet-skis, surfboards, and even large vessels such as container ships, cruise ships, naval vessels, and yachts. now brings these products directly to customers while also serving as a place for technical support.

Sea-Speed V-10 X ULTRA CLEAR is a superior hydrophobic paint. It is the wave of the future in the maritime and paint industry as it is a non-toxic paint with a low carbon footprint. An ideal choice for sailing yachts, fishing boats, powerboats and pleasure crafts, Sea-Speed V-10 X ULTRA delivers high-performance functionality.

Sea-Speed products are composed of silane/siloxane coating technologies—making them non-stick and durable paints that give an ultra-smooth, glossy finish. The V-10 X ULTRA CLEAR is a choice for smaller vessels, including racing vessels and can be applied easily. The product improves the hull efficiency since it has the lowest surface roughness in the industry. This reduced roughness also improves fuel consumption and reduces hydrodynamic drag.

The Sea-Speed lineup also provides cost-effective management of marine biofouling on ships without using toxins and harmful agents such as Cuprous Oxides or Biocides. Being fully compliant to the quality standards of IMO, Sea-Speed products are non-permeable and UV-stable, delivering unmatchable performance to the marine vessels of all types and sizes.

Sea-Speed PC LLC delivers high-performance Silicone and Silane paint and coating technology to the marine industry. Nontoxic and environmentally safe solutions for bottom painting as alternatives to conventional toxic antifouling. Sea-Speed PC LLC is a leader in the development of advanced Silicone Foul release coatings (FRC) for all types of vessels. We deliver next-generation solutions.

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