Seaory Card Printers Are Used to Issue Chinese Third Generation Social Security Card


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2020 --Recently, a provincial social security card initialization center in China has developed a large card issuing device with the cooperation of Seaory's technology development team. Despite the difficulties in the development process, the project has made significant breakthroughs. Based on the 6sets Seaory S22K card printer and 4sets Seaory S20 card printer, the project is qualified to issue mass cards with high quality.

PVC card printing machines have become more and more popular in recent years because of their practicality. The developed card issuing device can print in many colors. The ordinary printer cannot print out the details of photos and information. At the same time, PVC card printing machines are specialized in issuing cards so they can recognize the features and print them on the cards.

Meanwhile, PVC card printing machines also realize the one-time processing of personalized data such as magnetic stripe information writing and photo verification by writing chip data into cards. Customizable laser anti-counterfeiting film enables identification more secure and durable. The cards produced are also waterproof and antioxidant, which extends the life of photos.

This feature greatly expands the application field of the ID card printing machine. In enterprises or on campus, PVC card printers can be used to produce cards, including portrait cards, access control cards, and meal cards. Besides, cards for the government require a high level of security. The card printing mechanism minimizes the possibility of counterfeit cards to ensure safety.

Additionally, in the cases mentioned above, there is often an urgent need for a large number of cards. The project has dramatically reduced this kind of pressure. The developed PVC card printing machine can issue 8,000pcs and 6,000pcs per day, respectively. Applicants do not have to spend too much time waiting for the cards to be made. Both the card printing department and cardholder are provided with convenience, which improves efficiency to some extent.

Actually, some people lose the card from time to time. When reissuing a new card, it may take a few days. Then no card can be used during this period, which will be challenging to solve. But with a PVC card printing machine that can issue cards quickly, the process becomes no longer time-consuming.

In conclusion, this project contributes to improving efficiency in many fields. It verified the reliability of PVC card printing machines from Seaory in R&D, production, and other links. Although there exists the production pressure of centralized large-scale card issuance, PVC card printing machines can still stay stable and maintain consistent high quality in personalized data processing, which has attracted much attention with a promising future.

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