Seaory PVC Card Printers Used in Thailand's Labor Ministry Offices


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2020 --As an international PVC card printer supplier, Seaory once again firmly verified its capacity by implementing PVC card printers in 78 provincial Labor Ministry Offices of Thailand to alleviating the problem of high unemployment.

According to the media reports in Thailand, the number of officially registered unemployed persons revealed by the Minister of Thailand's Employment Department in April reached 267,351, with the increasing rates of 45.82% over March. In March, 38.21 million people are ready to work, and 37.33 million are already at work. However, there is a total of 18.56 million people who are unable to work, such as students and the elderly.

Thailand as a holiday paradise used to be one of countries with the lowest unemployment rates in the world. But the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 changes the current situation and destroys the country's employment structure, casing a great deal of people unemployed. Compared to the same period last year, the number of unemployment increased by 46,000.

The sudden rise of the unemployment rate in Thailand has made the Thai government attach great importance to this grim situation and require to carry out a project to improve the professional skills of the whole people in various fields and industries to alleviate the increasingly severe situation of unemployment rate. This project on improving the professional skills of workers proposed by the government, led by the Ministry of labor, has issued requirements to 78 provincial offices in Thailand.

But workers applying for the program need to have a labor application card. Thinkpos (Thailand's leading agent) to cooperate with Seaory has played an important role in assisting the labor department office to print labor application cards efficiently.

This project uses Seaory S21 PVC card printer to print labor application card. Seaory S21 PVC card printer can print a single-sided labor application card in 3-5 seconds. The card slot capacity of Seaory S21 PVC card printer is 100 PCs cards. The card input & output direction are available to set accordingly. Automatic or manual feeding also optional. Many different functions encoding modules are available. With such efficient printing speed and high quality, the Labor Ministry Offices of Thailand can easily handle the printing job of the labor application cards for tens of thousands of people.

With this card, the employed or the unemployed can register with the Labor Ministry of Thailand and get some help from the government. For example, they can learn some skills through free courses and obtain industry certification, which will greatly help some workers to find a job and improve the employment rate in Thailand.

In the development and production of PVC card printing machine, as a PVC card printer manufacturer with core technology, Seaory has developed state of art printer with many advantages, such as clear printing image, fast printing speed and good stability, which makes it the best PVC card printer and the main reason why Thai government prefers Seaory to European and American brands.

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