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Seasoned Actor Teaches How to Make 50k a Year Doing Hollywood from Home

Hollywood actor launches Udemy course to show entrepreneurs a proven way to make over $50k a year producing spokesperson videos from home.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2014 --Seen in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" opposite Brad Pitt, "Collateral" opposite Tom Cruise and playing Cary Grant in the Leo Dicaprio film "Aviator" SAG actor Michael-John Wolfe knows Hollywood. Although he left the industry behind when he and his wife moved to Colorado in 2009, Michael-John forged his own path to acting success. A path that's much more accessible to the average actor and just might be the future of the industry.

Just two years ago, Michael-John began doing small spokesperson gigs for a meager $5 through an online micro-job marketplace called Fiverr. He started by simply filming himself in his house doing mini-commercials for various businesses and services. He admits, the production quality of his first videos for Fiverr were very rudimentary. In a short two years however – his work has come a long way.

By building a green screen studio in his basement, honing his speaking skills and teaching himself how to do professional looking video editing – he has launched his career on Fiverr and beyond. He is now easily earning over $50,000 per year on his "home acting gigs". Fiverr even named Michael-John, also known by his user name "bookreviewstew" on Fiverr, as one of their exclusive Super Sellers and frequently features his spokesperson gigs on their home page.

This experience led, Michael-John to launch a new video course on Udemy entitled "How I Made Over $50K on Fiverr as a Video Spokesperson". In this hour-long course Michael-John walks students through exactly how he got started, how he built his green screen studio and how he gets his gigs to sell for an incredible average of $33 per sale. In fact, Michael-John says that many of his orders on Fiverr easily top $100 to $200 on a regular basis.

About Udemy
When asked why he chose Udemy for the release of his online video course, Michael-John responded: "Udemy already has over four million students and is the number one platform for online learning. In fact they have over 20,000 courses – many of which have thousands of students. It was a simple decision for me to choose Udemy and I think Udemy students will really enjoy my course. Being a video spokesperson on Fiverr has given me so much freedom – my commute every day is a simple sixteen step walk down to my basement. I work when I want and I don't have to deal with auditioning, agents or directors. I AM the actor, director, producer and editor. I think if more actors knew how easy it was to make money this way, there would be a lot more people doing it. My course will show those actors exactly how to emulate my success."

Check out Michael-John's new Udemy course here: http://pr.onlinevideocourses.net/

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