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Seattle Among Most Stressful Places to Live, Now There Is Relief

Black Pine Spas now offers Zen Awakening massage chairs making it easier for everyone to enjoy the benefits of massage!


Edmonds, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2015 --The annual ranking of most stressful cities to live in was recently released by Sperling's and Seattle again has ranked high on the list. Although the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett did better in this year's rankings (it was formerly at #9), it is still the 11th most stressful metro area for places to live. This is not great news but to address this crisis and counteract the stress on Seattle area consumers, Black Pine Spas has launched a new product line aimed at easing tension in the lives of residents – Zen Awakening massage chairs.

Sperling said of Seattle: "It isn't a city we normally think of as stressful, but... commuting is painful, and crime is surprisingly high." If you live in the greater Seattle area and find yourself stressed by your daily drive to and from work, the overcast weather, your finances or any of the other common tensions triggers, you likely want relief, but this is easier said than done.

Mike Nekahi, manager of Black Pine Spas, says, "We always keep the needs and lifestyle of our customers in mind when we plan our product offerings and expanding to massage chairs makes good sense. We aim to help people make the most of their leisure time and a high-quality massage chair not only is a great way to spend spare time but has been clinically proven to decrease stress and improve health of those that use them regularly."

Optimize Your Mental and Physical Health At Home

Stress affects you not just mentally, but physically. Stress can cause complications of the immune, endocrine, nervous and neurological systems. It can trigger migraine headaches, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia and increased risk of illness from repressed immune function. It can be hard to combat stress without an intervention – massage is just such an intervention. Massage goes well beyond offering a simple respite from stress – it offers profound health benefits.

Study Shows At Home Massage Chairs as Effective as Hands-On Massage

A study on repeated use of massage from Emory University showed that twice weekly massage offers a "cumulative and sustained biologic effect." The findings demonstrated that occasional massage caused health benefits, but more frequent massage generated greater cumulative health and stress-fighting benefits. But for most, finding the time to get one massage a week, much less two or more would be another source of stress. The cost of multiple treatments would also likely be prohibitive.

This is one of many reasons Nekahi says Black Pine Spas decided to add massage chairs to its roster of leisure products. He says, "High-quality massage chairs have been shown to be just as effective as hands-on massages and are much more cost-effective over the long term than paying for massages on per use basis."

To see just how invigorating a massaging chair can be, come by Black Pine Spas in Edmonds, just outside Seattle to test drive a Zen Awakening massage chair.

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