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Seattle Biohazard Cleanup Company Has Unique Motivation


Lake Stevens, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/02/2017 --There are some very important services that fly under the radar because a lot of people never need them, and biohazard cleanup would fit into this category. Fortunately, tragedies do not strike everyone, but murders, suicides, and other violent crimes are in the news each and every day. Blood and other bodily fluids are biohazards that can spread diseases. They must be removed and disposed of in a very specific manner, and biohazard cleanup companies have the expertise that it takes to handle these assignments.

In Seattle, Tacoma, and Renton, Washington Bio Clean is the biohazard cleanup resource that local people have been relying on since 1998. The primary motivation behind the founding of most companies is purely financial in many instances, and this is fine, because everyone has to make a living. At the same time, there are individuals who are driven by a desire to serve others, and this was the force that drove Theresa Borst when she started Bio Clean.

Family members that are left behind after the violent death of a loved one are going to be devastated emotionally, and the sight of the aftermath can be unbearable. The people who comprise the team at Bio Clean are highly trained, experienced, certified biohazard cleanup professionals. They get the job done, and they get it done right under all circumstances.

At the same time, they also take the human element very personally. They know that they are entering into highly charged situations, and they react with the appropriate level of compassion. This is something that sets them apart from many other biohazard cleanup companies that respond to death scene cleanup situations.

This is just one of the biohazard cleanup services that Bio Clean offers to its clients. They can also be called upon by health care facilities that require medical waste and sharps removal, and they handle meth lab cleanups, sewage spills, and mold remediation.

Plus, hoarding is an issue that has entered the public consciousness over recent years. Individuals with this propensity often live in environments that can contain biohazards. Bio Clean professionals have experience in this area as well, and they can guide their clients toward professional counseling that can help them get over their hoarding tendencies.

About Bio Clean
Bio Clean is a Seattle-Everett-Renton, Washington biohazard cleanup resource that also serves Olympia.