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Seattle Company Acts as Bridge to Hoarding Treatment


Marysville, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2017 --Compassion and Comfort Cleaning is a hoarding cleanup company that serves Seattle, Washington and the surrounding areas, like Everett, Belleville, Coupeville, Tacoma, and Olympia. This is a company that takes a holistic approach to the work that they do. The name of the company says a great deal about their mission as they see it. Yes, they want to provide hands on hoarding cleanup services, but at the end of the day, restoring property is not what it's all about. They want to help people, so they act as a bridge to the appropriate hoarding treatment resources.

There are underlying causes that lead to hoarding proclivities, and people oftentimes find it hard to understand exactly why they cannot let go of items that they do not need. Compassion and Comfort Cleaning is the new sister company of Bio Clean, Inc. who has been preforming hoarding cleanup for the last 20 years and has had the opportunity to speak with countless clients. On the other end of the spectrum, they have also developed relationships with hoarding treatment counselors who have extraordinary track records of success.

Hoarding treatment is extremely important, because the fix is only a temporary one if the tendencies don't go away. Before long, the individual in question will once again accumulate an overwhelming quantity of unnecessary belongings, and the nightmare will be recurring. Fortunately, hoarding treatment in Seattle is quite advanced. In some smaller areas of the country, this type of assistance simply does not exist.

Compassion and Comfort Cleaning is very sensitive to the clients that they serve. They are never condescending, and they are certainly not judgmental. They simply want to clear out the clutter, clean and disinfect the spaces that are involved, and help people get the hoarding treatment that they need. This is a very worthy service to provide for your community, and people in the Western Washington area are fortunate to have this type of hoarding treatment resource available to them.

About Compassion and Comfort Cleaning
Compassion and Comfort Cleaning is a long-standing Seattle-Everett-Bellevue area hoarding cleanup company that can connect clients with the appropriate hoarding treatment resources.