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Second Release of "Stuck in My Head" Could Foster Melodymania


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2014 --Some things get stuck in people's heads and some things are worthy of a second dosage. Cameroon-born US Pop Singer Sam Ebako dished up a merger of both in his recent release of a Double Remix of his first single.

Ebako, originally released “Stuck in my Head” in January of 2014, where the selection was a Dub-step R&B track. In Cameroon, where he was born, Sudanic and Bantu people speak French and English as official languages. This gave the singer the impetus to do a second release to which his French-speaking audience could relate and which would simultaneously connect well with all pop music fans.

As he details it, the muse for the lyrics to this song came from his own personal experience with a romantic break-up that occurred between him and a beautiful girl he met in 2012. He shares that he fell in love with her, but was unaware that she was still in love with the other man in her life.

If the very song title could give the single a boost, people will be singing the simple lyrics in the shower, tapping the tunes on their desks and showing other signs of melodymania, that phenomenon that happens when a song gets stuck in people's heads.

In the video are images of a girl who favors Barbados-born Rhianna who is waiting on a bench near a waterfront. She strikes a pose when he drives past. His imagination fills for a few moments, where he imagines an encounter between himself and the girl. When he is zapped back to reality, she runs into the arms of a love she'd been waiting for and he drives on.

About Stuck in my Head
“Stuck in my Head,” was produced by Hollywood based Sebastian Briley (sebasmuzic) who is from Texas. Grammy nominated producer Giovanni Cotto-Ortiz served as video director. The single is globally available as a digital download on Itunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and others. Foster Melodymania?