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Securipol Confirms Key Holding and Alarm Response Service in Compliance with British Standards 7984 and 7858


Oxford, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2019 --Securipol has been offering a wide variety of security services for residents and businesses in Oxfordshire for years, and what began as a small security firm has now expanded into one of the most trusted and respected security companies in the area. And now, Securipol confirms that its key holding and alarm response service is in perfect compliance with British Standards 7984 and 7858.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2019 –Security has always been a major concern for business owners and home and property owners, and security is an issue which has to be appropriately dealt with – and this is something that a security firm like Securipol fully understands. Securipol has been serving clients in the Oxfordshire area for many years, and its services have now expanded into key holding and alarm response services, locking up and unlocking services, and mobile security patrols. Aside from this, Securipol has been offering security guard services and electronic security system installation, maintenance, and monitoring for years.

Today, there is one service provided by Securipol which has become even better: its key holding and alarm response service. The key holding and alarm response service offered by Securipol is second to none, especially when it comes to compliance with British Standards 7984 and 7858. According to Securipol, once there is an activated alarm in the property or premises of its clients, it will be notified directly by the monitoring centre of the property. Afterwards, one of its licensed responders will check and assess the property or premises for intruders, deal with any emergencies or issues, and reset the client's intruder system as well as secure the client's premises once everything is done. Additionally, Securipol's representative and responder will provide a report to the client's security officer or controller detailing all the steps taken and whatever other information is required.

Securipol's key holding and caretaker service, on the other hand, is such that clients have the choice to choose one of their own staff to check activations of their intruder alarm. Securipol will then assist them whilst they are doing this and make sure that their staff is not in jeopardy during the checking procedure. Also, if ever a fire or intruder alarm becomes activated or a staff member requires access out of normal operating hours, Securipol will send a uniformed and fully licensed security guard to the premises so they can meet the client's key holder.

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