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See Many Places Adds Permanent United State Stickers to Its Product Catalog

United States stickers for cars, RVs, luggage and more now available at See Many Places. Designed for travel enthusiasts exploring the United States, See Many Places has just released a new set of stickers representing each American state. Vinyl stickers can be added as each land is visited until the entire U.S. map is prominently displayed. As with all See Many Places products, United state stickers come with a full money-back guarantee and are currently being offered at an introductory price exclusively at


Oakland, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2017 --Known for top-quality products, See Many Places has just entered new territory with the release of a set of 50 graphic stickers corresponding to each state in America. Stickers are made of a thick, durable vinyl and backed with an adhesive that can easily be affixed to a moving vehicle, luggage, a window or anywhere else an individual might like to display places traveled to within the United States.

Featuring the superior graphic detail that customers have come to expect from the company, stickers are designed with precise accuracy representing a scaled version of each state's shape and size. To ensure accurate placement, stickers come with a large blank background with its own adhesive backing presented in the shape of the UnitedStates and upon which individual stickers can be placed. When all of the stickers are affixed, a full-color and detailed map of the United States is displayed.

Already selling well and enjoying a 4.5 star rating, the precise size of each sticker varies by state. When completely assembled, the entire map measures a total of 21 x 14.5 x 0.1 inches and can be easily read by other drivers and passersby. Although stickers are made to be permanently affixed, people who've purchased state stickers in the past maintain that they are easy to realign or even relocate if necessary. See Many Places United States stickers are also capable of withstanding high temperatures, wet conditions and salty air without losing their adhesion.

RV enthusiasts and other road-trippers aren't the only people See Many Places had in mind when designing these colorfully crafted state stickers. The company promises that children, foreign visitors to the U.S. and motorcyclists who like to explore the country will also appreciate collecting the travel miles needed to create the ultimate vibrant display of America.

Offered exclusively on Amazon, See Many Places presents the stickers at an introductory price for a limited time. Due to the fine craftsmanship and novelty inherent to the collection, the company expects the stickers to be an instant hit with domestic travelers, homeschoolers, foreign tourists and more. So confident that customers will appreciate the new United state stickers, See Many Places is offering them with a full money-back and no questions asked guarantee.

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