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Self-Help Seminars from Top Motivational Speaker Andy Harrington Now Available in Audio Form


Larnaca, Cyprus -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2013 --Andy Harrington introduces his "Breakthorugh To The Life You Deserve" audio program, offering people who are looking for a change or direction in life. Personal development seminars provided by Andy Harrington are in high demand, and often are given to overflowing crowds. As someone who went from just-getting-by to achieving great success, Andy Harrington wants to provide his insights to as many people as possible, especially people who for financial or geographical reasons cannot attend personally, which is why he is now offering audio recordings of his seminars.

Andy Harrington went from just-getting-by to

- Launching an enterprise which has generated £4.2 million in the last 5 years
- Travelling the world to help people overcome their own personal obstacles
- Spending quality time with his family, including his 5 wonderful children
- Helping his private clients excel using his "Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve" personal development system

His private clients invest £20,000 a day for intimate consultations to learn these same strategies.

More information about his breakthrough success formula can be found by going to

A one hour sample of Andy Harrington's motivation techniques can be found by going to

Breakthrough To The Life You Deserve is a practical advice 12-part self help audio program which will transform an individual's perception about what is possible in every areas of life.

The NLP training contained in the breakthrough success program seeks to blast away the three things which its creator views as holding most people back from the life they deserve. These three things are deep-seated fears, barriers and beliefs, and getting rid of them promises to trigger new results which each individual can already achieve.

The course takes an average of 12 weeks to complete. Andy Harrington has created this course for people who are determined to be successful but have self-doubts.

About Andy Harrington
Andy Harrington is a motivational speaker located in the UK who markets live and recorded self-help motivation oriented seminars and materials. Andy is a world-renowned public speaker who founded the Professional Speakers Academy, an elite club where he coaches aspiring speakers from all around the world. Those who are interested in exploring what Andy Harrington has to offer can get a complimentary video recording of his 1-hr speech on how to create the right mindset for success, presented LIVE at the London O2 Arena in front of 8,000 entrepreneurs by claiming this offer:

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