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Love of Books - Writing a Professional eBook Requires Talent but Self-Publishing Will Definitely Need Professionalism


Beenleigh, QLD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2013 --Love of books, which is the most comprehensive professional self publishing company in Australasia, with more than 10 years of experience and collaboration with top publishing houses, will reveal the secrets of successful book writing and self-publishing.

Nowadays with the huge surge of blogs and article directories and the freedom that internet provides, many people have been offered the opportunity to uncover their writing talents. For many of them writing just doesn’t stop on blogging and they end up with their own books, that are ready to be published. Unfortunately, at this point the easy part stops, as publishing isn’t that easy to accomplish.

Actually, Language is a tool to express feelings and emotions, but not everyone is good at using it effectively and to get the idea across. Writing is one of the best ways of sharing ideas with people. This is the secret why blogging got that immense success. But then again, one needs to be creative and unique about the choice of words and of course, to be grammatically correct. We talk about professional eBook writing and not just blogging. Mistakes are not allowed. Here are some important tips that must be followed, in order to avoid mistakes many other writers make:

Understand the feeling:
Depending on the nature of the piece of writing, the writer needs to sound interesting. This implies that the expressions should grab the reader’s attention. If the eBook is about a funny or comic story, the tone of the writing should be light; otherwise a boring story would come out and would not leave the proper impression on the readers’ mind. Similarly, when it comes to a horror or suspense sort of story, the expression must change accordingly.

Command on Language:
Talking about the sentence structure and the layout of any piece of writing, one must mention that it is important to have good knowledge about the technical aspects of the language. It is crucial to use the proper vocabulary and grammar, because most of the readers investing in an eBook, are very intellectual and would be shocked if they came by any grammatical issue. This doesn’t mean that the author should use an advanced vocabulary, because this would tire the readers. Instead, a story with simple words would be more effective than one having difficult ones. The readers may get lost in the words of the story, instead of understanding it.

Self-Publishing and Ebook Marketing
Hiring a professional self publishing company, that has the experience to get the book to the next step successfully, is very important. Writers can’t do this by themselves and many publishing houses are just expensive, although they just offer automatic self-publishing. All eBooks are not the same, neither are the writer’s dreams. Thus, an individual caring self-publishing service is a must. Many talented writers have given up because of failing in eBook marketing.

Self publishing Australasian service provided by as per many writer reviews is exactly what any writer needs. They collaborate with many printers, graphic designers, illustrators, and government agencies such as ISBN & CiP registrations and also work with editors, proofreaders and typesetting agents assigned to complete eBook publishing and Marketing perfectly, not only for new, but also for established writers, making their dream of a complete and successful eBook self publishing a reality.

About Love of Books
Love of Books( is founded and directed by John and Julie Mc Gregor. The local business is located in Australia and serving All the Australasia territory. They have more than 10 years in the publishing industry. Their business is a family owned self publishing house, that treats every writer as a member of a family. Here the success of every author’s book is everyone’s goal.