File Transfer Usage Increased During the Covid-19

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people had to work from home. In this process, the use of online services has increased. One of the increasing services is file transfer sites. People use file transfer services to share their files quickly and easily.


Tallinn, Estonia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2020 --SendGB is one of the growing services in the pandemic process.

The Estonian based startup provides free file transfer in 13 languages. With SendGB, it is possible to share large files up to 5 GB easily and quickly without being a member. The sent files are automatically deleted from the servers after 1 to 90 days selected by the user. Up to 500 files can be sent to 20 recipients at the same time. If requested, the files are also deleted after downloading. Thus, the shared files are quickly deleted from the servers. There is also the option to set a password at the time of shipment for users who value extra security. Users can set passwords for each file transfer.

The important difference that rivals from its peers is that it gives importance to speed. The biggest problem in file sharing is the upload and download speed of large files. Some services limit the file upload and download speed when they provide free services. However, users in SendGB are not limited when uploading and downloading files. If the internet speed allows, users can use SendGB up to 500 Mbps speed.

"Our users increased especially in Europe and India during Covid-19 Pandemic. So we had to increase our network capacity by 20%. People want speed and convenience in file transfer. We, as SendGB, provide our users with speed and ease. With Covid-19, work habits will change. File transfer is required for people working separately with each other, and we will continue to help our users in this regard." Okan Ilhan | Co-founder of SendGB

Users from different countries

SendGB has users from different countries. The service opened in Turkey in 2015 by Ugur Cakir and Okan Ilhan has users from 169 countries. SendGB became a company in Estonia under the e-residency program in 2019. 20% of its users come from Europe. The goal of SendGB is to be one of the top 3 services in the world in file transfer. defines itself as a transfer service rather than a storage service. It is aimed that users can quickly share large files that they cannot send by email. After Covid-19 Pandemic over 30,000 unique users choose SendGB daily. Average file upload size 750 MB. Users can make unlimited downloads.

SendGB also points attention with its different features.

Users can keep their files for up to 1 year without being a member. With the SendGB Extend feature, it is possible to store files sent up to 5GB for up to 1 year. Moreover, there is no need to become a member. Easy file sharing from mobile devices There is no need for a mobile application with SendGB to transfer files. Users can easily share their files with their mobile browser, whether IOS or Android devices.

Notification at every stage

After sending the file, notification emails are sent automatically to the receiver and the sender. In addition, once the files are downloaded by the receiver, an e-mail is sent to the sender automatically. Thus, the sender can easily track whether the files are downloaded or not.

Some of the features that make SendGB different from its competitors are as follows:

- 500 files transfer to 20 people at the same time up to 5 GB,
- Files can be stored for free for up to 90 days,
- Storing files up to 5 GB for 1 year with SendGB Extend
- Automatic deletion of files after downloading, if desired,
- Password protection for each submission if requested without being a member,
- No speed restrictions when uploading and downloading files,
- There is no limit for downloading files,
- Ability to send big files from mobile devices without mobile application,

SendGB keeps its servers in France with its secure infrastructure.