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Senior Logistics Jobs in London from DSJ Global Are Growing Resilience in the Face of Change


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2020 --Redefining the way that recruitment is handled for logistics roles can be transformative for businesses. DSJ Global works with a range of organisations, from Fortune 500 companies through to small and agile start-ups, in the UK and globally, supporting those who are looking to be more effective. The firm is well connected to a network of exceptional candidates in London and across the country in cities such as Manchester and Birmingham. As a result, DSJ Global is able to ensure that the right connections are being made when it comes to senior logistics jobs.

Logistics is a key sector today. The nature of international supply chains is changing drastically and there has never been more uncertainty about how goods cross borders, particularly in the wake of Brexit. Many firms are now beginning to understand the importance of recruiting the right people to help a business to weather political and economic storms and to provide resilience in the face of change. In fact, team building is now a priority and roles are available right across the logistics industry, from manufacturing engineers through to logistics directors and S&OP demand managers. This is the same across many industries, from food and beverage through to automotive.

The key challenge that exists for many organisations that are heavily reliant on logistics and supply chain structures today is: talent. This is something that DSJ Global understands and this focus is reflected within the firm's own business. DSJ Global is committed to equal opportunities and also ensures that its consultants receive best-in-class training and have access to the most up to date recruitment technology. "DSJ Global helps to solve the number one challenge – talent," commented Luis Rolim, Group Marketing Director at DSJ Global. "We work to provide quality senior logistics jobs in London and have had significant success in helping companies to recruit the best talent."

The firm is a recruitment partner of choice to many leading names in business as part of the Phaidon International group and DSJ Global has also become a key collaborator with businesses in London, as well as Birmingham and Manchester too. Through a combination of permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions, DSJ Global has been able to help candidates and organisations connect in ways that have supported the broader development of the logistics and supply chain sector. This means recognising and handling skills shortages, including those that exist in specific areas such as with respect to senior logistics jobs in London. Thanks to its insight, resources, people and networks, DSJ Global has been able to create a new approach to recruitment that is optimised and efficient for all of those involved.

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