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Seniors Dating Sites Offer Expert Dating Advice to Senior Men for a Successful First Date

Senior men who have been out of the dating game for some years struggle to achieve a first successful date. The experts at Seniors Dating Sites have put together tips and advice to help men feel more at ease for their first date.


Sacramento, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2016 --Seniors Dating Sites offer tips and advice ( for seniors who have returned to the single dating scene after becoming a widower or recently separated or divorced. The tips and advice are provided by the experts at the online dating review site to enable senior men to feel more confident and achieve a second date.

Dating sites have become very popular in recent years with more than 49,250,000 people in America using them to find a partner for fun, love and marriage. However, online dating sites are not just for the young single men and women. According to AARP, 45 percent of Americans over the age of 65 are either divorced, separated or widowed, with a large portion of them looking for love on dating sites for seniors.

A spokesman for said: "Returning to the dating game can be stressful and confusing to anyone, but for senior people it can be even more daunting. That is why we have put together tips on how to have a successful first date."

1. Choose a place that will feel relaxing for the first date. Being in an environment that puts both parties at ease will make the date more relaxing and enjoyable.

2. Attend the date dressed to impress. Do not turn up for the date wearing t-shirts, trainers or unsuitable clothing.

3. Arrive on time. It is important to arrive on time and not keep the lady waiting.

4. Turn off the cell phone. Having a phone ring or taking a call during a date is rude and will result in the date being a failure.

5. Ask questions and pay attention. Show interest in what the date is saying and try not to talk over her.

6. Many men on a first date like to dominate the conversation with how great they are. This is a big turn off and will result in the date being cut short or no second date. The whole idea of the first date is to get to know each other and impress but not by self-promotion.

7. Limit the alcohol intake. It is important to drink in moderation and not to get merry.

8. Don't over share person information. Many men on a first date like to talk about their whole life, this puts women off. Some men spend the whole date talking about a failed marries which is very off putting.

9. Always be polite and open the door for the date, when she leaves the table always stand up.

10. Compliment her. It is always important to offer compliments.

The team at Seniors Dating have said if men follow these tips then the first senior date can be a huge success, meaning a second date will be arranged.

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