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Mountain View, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2019 --The popular Senior dating app, SeniorMeetMe, (SMM) is introducing its new feature this October – Voice Chat – to its existing suite of features on the mobile app.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau by 2036, citizens 65 and older will outnumber individuals under 18 for the first time. With the significant increase in the senior community, it is expected that current norms in the use of social media and dating applications will continue to remain strong well into ones' senior years.

When we look at dating apps specifically, a recent report by Medicare Advantage states 29 percent of seniors have gone on at least one date using an online dating service within the past 12 months. Older adults today use dating apps just over half as frequently as their younger millennial generation (29% vs. 44%). Nielsen data further goes on to report that from 2013-2015 alone, older adults dating online has doubled to a full one in 10 Americans spending more than one hour a day on a dating app.

SMM is a dating and meetup app designed specifically for mature men and women over 50. The google vision is Launched in October of 2019, the app aims to develop a video dating community where seniors feel safe and comfortable seeking love, romance, marriage, friendship or companionship.

In an effort to help create deeper relationships, the app has added a groundbreaking voice feature, making it easier and faster than exchanging text messages. Sound, and use of the voice, instantly brings a level of warmth to any conversation. The new voice chat feature is a fantastic opportunity to meet and make initial contact with someone.

An additional benefit for the voice chat feature provides women a safe place to get to know their potential date online before meeting in person. They are able to 'call' each other and have a 'real-life' connection, without the tedious time and expense associated with the first-time meeting in person.

"Age is a number, not a determination of old, Age is what you make it, not what it makes you. Almost everyone has a fixed impression of seniors, but the members on SMM let us realize that the service we provide is worthwhile, 50s still is young, don't prematurely deny people's potential, you never know where is the limit," said Senior Meetme CEO James.

Hearing the other person's voice lends a new level of intimacy they are not able to get by simple text messages. One is better able to gauge whether the other is compatible, before deciding to take the next step to meet in person.

One of SeniorMeetMe's best features has been the Group Chat. If a user simply wants to find people with similar interests and meet new friends to share events and experiences without finding love, they can do that also, using Group Chat.

The Gift feature, which was originally enjoyed by millennial dating apps, is now also a major component on the app. It gives members a better choice in expressing emotions by sending such 'virtual' gifts as flowers, candy, and even a golden microphone.

Also, the Community feature is unique among other senior dating apps. The overall concept of the app's Community feature was inspired by SeniorMeetMe's original vision to provide better ways to care for seniors overall. This feature is completely unique to any other seniors dating app in this market.

Here members can take a virtual 'walk' through their community page to read, watch, or participate in a local activity. Available currently on the app for Apple Store iPhones, it can also be downloaded from the Google Play by searching for the keyword SeniorMatchme. this is for more than just Seniors who want a love connection – this is for much-needed companionship or friendship.

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SeniorMeetMe is the premier dating app for Seniors over 50, developed and operated by SeniorMatch.

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About SMM
SMM is a meetup app for people who are old at age yet young at heart. At SMM, we aim to develop a warm online community where seniors who live alone can not only seek potential relationships, but SMM is a meetup app for people who are old at age yet young at heart. Also find friendships for retirement life, such as travel mates, activity partners, online pals and more. The IOS and android versions have some different, and some new features will be improved and added in subsequent releases.



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