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Sentient Science Begins Distribution of DigitalClone Live 2.0 to Predict and Extend the Life of Mechanical Systems

DigitalClone Live 2.0 now contains Prognostic models to extend the life of GE 1.5 wind turbines


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2014 --Sentient Science announced today the release of DigitalClone Live 2.0. The software is a computational tool and condition-based monitoring service that helps companies predict and extend the life and performance of critical components in design, testing, procurements and service.

DigitalClone Live was extended to meet the needs of the GE 1.5 owner operators in North America to understand the life and health of their assets and to know the impact of both up-rating their wind turbines or the impact on asset life after up-tower replacement of gearbox components.

DigitalClone Live 2.0 delivers a more modern navigation and user experience allowing the customer better predictive health management and control over their assets. The newest release includes responsive capabilities for an improved viewing experience and enhanced asset reporting allowing the customer to adjust and create specific reports unique to their needs. At the system level, the user is now able to represent and simulate in DigitalClone Live the life extension impact of an up-tower part replacement or the impact of up-rating on asset life and health.

“We created DigitalClone Live 2.0 as a response to customer’s requests for additional OEM gearbox systems to be added to the DigitalClone Live service. We are in the process of adding the various GE 1.5 gearbox configurations, and Mitsubishi, Vestas and Gamesa wind turbines. Other OEMs will follow on the Version 2.0 platform in 2015”, said Ward Thomas, President of Sentient Science.

In the new version, features have also been added that allow for more flexibility in utilizing prognostic data. The alert center now offers the capability to track each individual alert and action taken as a result, providing the user with an enhanced and up-to-date understanding of the assets health. The life setting control now allows the user to optimize different health reports to understand the life of a wind turbine asset or the entire fleet depending on varying operating conditions.

In DigitalClone Live 2.0 there was a large focus on making the health and alert levels more involved. To accomplish this, the health level of the asset went from a scale of 12-48 months remaining life to a scale of 45 days to 60 months remaining life. Sentient Science has fused their sensor diagnostics into their prognostic models, which now provides customers with more detailed life predictions for short-term operational failure or long-term asset management.

“All of the upgrades and additions to DigitalClone Live 2.0 are aimed at helping our customers extend the life of their fielded assets. By providing them with the most enhanced tools to improve asset life, they will have assets that will run in the field at the lowest operational cost.” continued Thomas.

About Sentient Science
Sentient Science, headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is the leading company providing prognostic technology and services that extend the remaining useful life of mechanical systems. Since 2011, Sentient provides technology to predict how cracks initiate in materials and how those cracks grow under real operating conditions. Today, this technology is offered commercially as computational tools and condition-based monitoring services to help companies predict and extend the life and performance of critical components in design, testing, procurement, and service. By interfacing prognostic models through networks to fielded assets for Prognostic Health Management (PHM), Sentient Science supports what GE and others now call the Industrial Internet. Since 2013, Sentient has contracted to provide prognostic and life extension services to over 4,000 wind turbine assets in North America.