SEO Brand Helps Brands in the "Mobile-Only" Movement

SEO Brand is a prime resource for helping businesses boost their online presence and fine-tune their SEO strategies


Hollywood, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2017 --The mobile communications industry is quickly becoming one of the most profitable industries today. This likely isn't surprise considering how much society relies on Smartphones, tablets, and other devices to look up information or make a purchase.

In fact, statistics show that wireless telecom services are expected to generate approximately $554 billion in revenue, and approximately 67 percent of the total population is expected to own and use a mobile phone by 2019.

Is it possible that we will become a mobile-only world? It certainly seems that way, and Google thinks so, too. As a result, local search is becoming more and more important for businesses, making SEO Brand a prime resource for helping businesses boost their online presence and fine-tune their SEO strategies.

About SEO Brand
SEO Brand was founded in 2005 as the digital marketing landscape was starting to take shape. SEO Brand specializes in working with clients to master today's challenging and fast-paced online and digital world to boost their branding, increase brand recognition, and grow their businesses with SEO, PPC management, reputation management and local search strategies.

SEO Brand has been named a top SEO firm for several years. SEO Brand serves over 300 clients, and maintains a 94 percent customer retention rate. In 2016, SEO Brand received numerous awards, including "Best Reputation Management Company, USA", "Best Enterprise SEO Company, USA", and "Best Search Engine Optimization Company, USA" in February 2016.

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What the Mobile-Only Movement Means for Brands.

In an effort to keep up with today's fast-paced digital world, and as we move into a "mobile-only" world, SEO Brand recognizes the importance of this shift and how this will impact businesses, making local search a prime factor in this movement. By working with clients to develop cohesive digital marketing services and campaigns that effectively reach target audiences, SEO Brand can help prepare for the mobile-only movement.

Timing is a huge factor in an effective lead generation strategy, and local search, or local SEO is a highly effective piece in a digital marketing campaign that enables businesses and brands to promote their services to local customers and communities at exactly the right time.

For example, local search uses Google and other business directories to promote businesses and brands. As society relies on mobile phones and mobile devices to look up businesses, services or brand information or even make a purchase, local search becomes more and more important.

While discussing the importance of local search and online reputation management in today's digital landscape, Mike Salvaggio, CEO of SEO Brand comments:

"Many businesses that are expanding are doing so because they show their customers, 'We're listening.' For a business to grow, bridging the communication gap is vital and is creating a major impact in brand perception…"

How SEO Brand Can Help.

Many businesses have called upon the SEO Brand team for help with SEO, online reputation management, and local search. As Google moves towards a mobile-only world, businesses need to keep up with these trends. By working with a reputable, professional, and award-winning SEO company, businesses will continue to see their brands and names on the first page of Google.


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