SEO Expert Chad Lieberman Teaches Cheer Up, Them SEO Reseller

6WSEO’s Chad Ian Lieberman breaks down the truth of overseas-based online marketing companies.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2015 --There is a lot of money to be made online nowadays, one of the proven online gigs being SEO (search engine optimization) reselling, also called affiliate marketing. Chad Lieberman dispels the common misconception surrounding SEO reselling and encourages them to be proud of their job.

There is a common misconception that SEO resellers are simply employees or representatives of SEO service providers. Although this is partially true, the truth is that being a reseller does not tie them to a service provider and they are an integral part of the system. They are actually the partners of their SEO service provider. Most providers do not have the skills, the manpower or the time to market their SEO services.

They should be confident that their SEO reseller efforts are valued in the industry and they should expect great returns for their efforts. Many SEO resellers let this misconception get the best of them and spend a lot of time defending their and writing emotional updates on forums.

If people are on their case saying they are only a middleman or a salesman, they should then work to be the best and the most dependable middleman or salesman. If they say they are a representative of an SEO service provider, they represent their customers the best way them can. Do not allow their words to bring them down. There is no room for oversensitivity in this industry, as this will hinder their growth.

They should not be shy about what they do as this will make them lose focus or stir anger among their prospects. They should always remember that most of the people who badmouth SEO resellers have nothing important to do with their lives. They have an assurance of great returns if they are determined and passionate about the job. After all, it is just a job like any other with job stability and security.

Chad Ian Lieberman works for 6WSEO. This is an online marketing company offering a variety of services. Other than affiliate marketing, other core services offered by the company is search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing (SMM). The company also offers other services like web design and development, online reputation management and link building. The company has been around for 8 years and it has clients and SEO resellers from all over the world.

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