SEOExpert Now Offers Free SEO Consultation for Thin Content


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2014 --SEO Expert Singapore now offers free consultation on how to manage thin content. Websites, especially those used for e-commerce, suffer the most from duplicate pages. This severly affects revenue due to Google-incurred penalties and reduced site traffic.

Thin content is notorious for frequently being black-listed by Google, what with the implementation of levies and penalties via Google Panda, Google Penguin and more recently, Google Hummingbird updates. These new algorithms lead to many webpages of e-commerce sites being labelled as duplicates and containing information of little value.

A representative from SEO Expert Singapore explained: “What matters in your web content is not the quantity, but the quality. Your site can feature a lot of text, but if the content of this text is of little value, then it might affect your search ranking results.”

However, identifying thin content might not be an easy task. The sheer amount of information present on one webpage alone means that thin content could be lurking and hidden between content of high quality. Once identified, what then does one do to help rectify this problem of having low-quality content?

SEO Expert Singapore reveals: “The key to boosting the quality of content on your site is to provide insights and unique information about how your product or service can benefit the consumer and solve the issue they are facing.”

The service offered by SEO Expert Singapore means that more companies get a better understanding of how thin content can damage their business and how this bane can be eradicated. By performing a thorough audit, the experts at SEO Expert Singapore are able to determine which areas of your website are in need of improvements.

“Countering the issue of thin content may be a tricky one. That is why companies should engage a good SEO agency to help them with developing a website that contains quality content. One of the strategies to help drive site traffic is the inclusion of keywords to help optimise search results.” Added the representative of SEO Expert Singapore.

SEO Expert Singapore’s service includes strategy development and SEO audits to ensure that your site complies to established procedures that avoid the penalties put in place by Google. In order to ensure the best search result rankings, a keyword analysis and research process will be conducted. By selecting certain words that are of relevance to the business, SEO Expert Singapore is able to boost the rank of your webpage’s search results.

In addition to the services mentioned earlier, SEO Expert Singapore also offers a penalty-monitoring service. This service is especially useful due to the fact that Google does not serve notices of penalisation. Thus, SEO Expert Singapore’s monitoring service acts as a preventive measure to completely avoid the Google penalties right from the start. Businesses never have to worry about incurring the wrath of Google.

SEO Expert Singapore is Singapore’s top SEO company. They are highly trusted for their transparent SEO process that help businessess appear in the top rankings of search results. Having worked with individuals and companies locally and across the world, their team of experts are highly qualified in SEO and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that add value. Being able to offer some of the best rates in Singapore while still delivering quality service has led to them being one of the top-rated SEO agencies.

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