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SEO Experts Tell How to Get Links from .Gov & .Edu Sites


Boulder, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2012 --SEO experts are racking their brain and information systems to give their clients the best ways to improve their Google search engine rankings. SEO masters are raving about the significance of attaining .edu and .gov backlinks to increase a site’s credibility.

The fortunate few who uncovered these inroads are not keen on revealing their findings. Chrissanne Long of Marketing System Blueprints, a Florida Internet marketing firm, believes many SEO experts are hesitant to release information about their discovery. They fear that if corrupt SEO practitioners uncover an easy way to transform this technique into a black hat link-building method, they could ruin it for other SEO professionals.

Fortunately, Long and another SEO pro was willing to give some tips on attaining the coveted backlinks. Tonya Lockamy at Florida-based Firefly Tech Solutions, a digital marketing company, recommends encouraging SEO clients to reach out to their alma maters for online alumni directories. Companies can build a .edu backlink simply by recommending their client update their online alumni directory entry including the company’s URL if that directory links to a .edu site.

Alumni wanting a .edu backlink should also consider their college newspaper or alumni magazine website with a .edu URL. These publications often interview graduates. Clients can get that .edu backlink if one of those publications writes an article about them and links to their company’s URL.

Many .edu sites have forums and if a client can get an approved account with them, they may have access to a backlink gold mine, said Long.

Long mentioned that if the forum links to an .edu site, the client follows the forum’s specifications, and the client’s profile includes the company’s URL, they can backlink any time they comment.

Tom Schmitz of Schmitz Marketing in Seattle encourages clients to obtain .edu and .gov backlinks if they can do it in an above-board manner. Schmitz tells clients to seek opportunities, but refrain getting those backlinks by hacking the system.

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