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Smart SEO Hosting Launches IPv6 SEO Hosting

Smart SEO Hosting, a multi-award SEO Hosting winner today announced the public availability of their IPV6 SEO Hosting.


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2018 --This announcement comes after more than 2 years of private beta testing which according to a senior network architect lasted more than they at first anticipated: "When we started this project back in April 2016, we did not expect it to be so complicated. We wanted to have a solution that is global, that our clients can have their sites on a dual IPv4-IPv6 stack and in as many different data centers as possible. We also had to provide a DNS solution that transparently works with IPv6."

Ryan Alavi, the director of the company, emphasizes the importance of IPv6 for any successful SEO Agency: "When you look at giants of the Internet you realize that almost all of them support IPv6. These days more than 35% of American users have IPv6 and can make IPv6 connections. It seems reasonable that Google would give priority to a site with IPv6 for their IPv6 clients. On the contrary, when you check the low quality/SPAM farms, they are all exclusively on single stack IPv4 networks.

Smart SEO Hosting, being the first and only SEO Hosting company that provides IPv6 solution had to redefine the IPv4 SEO Classes for IPv6 space. According to their marketing manager: "We need to make sure that our client base understands this new space, so we redefined A, B, and C class terminology for IPv6. Doing so we made sure that even the C class provides near zero footprints."

The new A, B, and C class IPs for IPv6 have the following prefix:

- For an A class SEO IPs, the IPv6 can only share a /32 prefix.

- For a B class SEO IPs, the IPv6 can only share a /36 prefix.

- For a C class SEO IPs, the IPv6 can only share a /40 prefix.

IPV6 SEO IPs can are available to the public from 1st of December 2018 and on the IPv6 SEO page.

About Smart SEO Hosting is a dedicated and professional SEO hosting company that provides services to SEO agencies in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company offers a variety of hosting plans for different country locations, space, bandwidth, and IP classes. It operates using more than 120 data centers scattered across the globe. To accommodate further SEO needs, even offers hosting on IPs and load balancers that are owned and operated by Google.