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Page-One Search Power Answers the Question: "Why Have I Not Been Getting Referrals from My Website?"

Small, local professional businesses need effective search engine optimization at affordable cost. Page-One Sear Power and Paul Anderson, PhD provide exactly that.


Bluffton, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2016 --Paul Anderson, PhD, at Page-One Search Power (Bluffton, SC) can take one look at a small business website and make recommendations that definitely improve search engine visibility of a professional website.

Page-One Search Power only works with small businesses who want the highest web ranking in local search results. Dr. Anderson has made his living entirely off the internet as a licensed private practice psychologist, (Ph.D.) for the last 20 years. Now, Dr Anderson offers his insight and skill about what works for online visibility to other service professionals.

Merchants, professionals and others such as counselors and massage therapist want to use the internet to generate clients. For some, online visibility is the main source of referrals. But, there are two problems with this: (1) SEO knowledge is lacking among non-geek types and; (2) the high cost of out-sourcing expertise in developing organic traffic is prohibitive for many small business owners.

Page-One Search Power provides solutions to these two problems: the knowledge to apply search engine optimization (SEO) to small, local websites at affordable cost. Dr. Anderson uses a case-by-case approach, tailoring his services to each client and their unique needs.

No matter how astounding a website is, it will get no organic traffic if no one sees it. No traffic, no clicks. No clicks, no one buys the professional service. How to get searchers' eyeballs on a given website and then encourage them to click through to access listed services is the challenge. It is possible to do, however, if you know how.

Many providers and small business professionals believe pretty websites that tout professional credentials and expertise is all it takes to get new clients from the internet. Even if that were true, if a website does not show up in the top 30-40 SERPs (search engine return pages), chances go way down that searchers will see your beautiful website.

Sixty seven percent (67%) of searchers click on an organic search return in the first or second page, within the first 20 hits they see. Effective SEO is the key to making sure a website gets the high ranking needed to stay in business.

Internet customers have the intent of being presented with trustworthy sites where they can find valid and accurate information. Because of that, a website's content needs to be as authoritative, honest and useful as possible. As would be expected, the internet search spiders and logarithms take into account multiple factors in determining "topical relevance".

Paul Anderson, SEO states, "It's my job to know what these search factors are and the details about how to apply them to your website for high-ranking. They include on and off the page factors such as, latent semantic indexing, high-quality website architecture, using the right coding procedures on your website, quality links, mobile responsive pages, social media presence and avoidance of using penalizing techniques such as cloaking, stuffing and spam."

Productive SEO is complicated. Now, Paul Anderson, PhD and Page-One Search Power bring high internet ranking to small business professional services at easy-to-manage cost.