Serebrum Lab Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Advance Shadowcore VR; a First Person Shooter Intensified with Virtual Reality

Built on the popular Steam gaming platform, players are beckoned to embark on the adventure of a lifetime that will take them beyond anything gamers thought possible.


Yanji, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2018 --Serebrum Lab has shipped a VR shooter game named "ShadowCore VR" to Steam with preliminary player classes and levels paving the way to a full rollout depending upon reaching their Indiegogo funding goals.

ShadowCore is a HeroFps-Lite, virtual reality, action-packed, shooter set in a dystopian cyberpunk reality. Focused on small to medium tactical engagements, it supports skilled shooting in combination with easy to access gear and an ever-evolving gameplay to keep you immersed. The current version of Shadowcore VR has three distinctive player characters, two maps and two game modes. The full version will come with seven hero classes, four maps along with singe-player and multiplayer options and an array of other features gamers will enjoy.

The premise of Shadowcore VR revolves around elite cyborg assassins fighting everyone and everything to achieve their objectives 5v5 fight to the finish.

Here the different hero classes players can choose from in the current version:

- The Raid is a damage class equipped with assault rifle, hand grenade launcher and "Auto Aim" special ability.

- Flatline is a support/sniper class armed with a sniper/smg gun, hand energy shots weapon and can see through walls.

- IceBreaker is a tank class loaded with a mini/emp gun, deployable shields and more.

These are the hero classes currently in development for the full version:

- A support/melee type of hero equipped with a double pistol, vibro claws, drone controller and can shoot energy balls in a 360 degree radius.

- A healer hero that uses nano bots to heal those around him. His weapon shoots out a healing beam.

- A different melee type of hero which uses an energy whip/spear and a shield and has a special ability that targets clusters of enemies.

Maps currently available:
- Vertigo : A rooftop area
- Refuse : A trash processing facility area.

Maps in development for the full version:
- Sci-fi forest map
- Sci-fi laboratory map

ShadowCore VR currently has two game modes: Hacking and ShadowCore which are takes on the classic "king of the hill" and "capture the flag" game modes..

Other game features include:
- Free locomotion with snap turning
- AI bots
- Hot-join in game

The Serebrum Lab development team is staying busy with porting Shadowcore VR to PSVR. As a Sony Playstation Development Partner they'll take the full version of the game and port it to PSVR with AIM support as an indie game. Not stopping there they will be deploying a dedicated matchmaking server for cross-platform multiplayer action between PSVR, Oculus and HTC Vive players. The team is also dedicated to improving the AI bots, developing single-player missions story-based with voiceover narrations. The virtual reality improvements on deck include integrating VR simulation elements and class-specific movement systems.

While the crowdfunding campaign has a $15,000 funding goal, stretch goals run up to $125,000 with new features and platforms unlocked every step of the way to give gamers an ever-improving experience.

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