Set Me Free

Set Me Free Video Message Written by an Elephant Launched on YouTube Aims to Raise Awareness of Elephant Slavery

In order to promote awareness of elephant slavery in Thailand, a video of an Elephant painting the message Set Me Free has been released and is now ready for viewing on YouTube.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2019 --Elephant slavery is an issue that many believe has been solved. Gone are the days when you'll see elephants performing in circuses and performing tricks at the zoo. But the issue has not yet been eradicated and this video hopes to raise awareness of the continued slavery of elephants in Thailand. The video, now available here, has been released alongside a petition urging the Tourism Authority of Thailand to end elephant exploitation.

Set Me Free is a short video of an elephant using a paintbrush and canvas to create a picture. This conjures up a heartwarming image, and awe at the elephant's "human-like" behavior, doesn't it? Unfortunately, this couldn't be farther from the truth. As the video goes on, you'll see that the elephant is writing the words "set me free".

These elephants have been taught to perform for humans, so their human slavers can earn money. Daniel Correa, the founder of the petition, writes that elephants, "Once captured, they are broken into submission through a horrific process called phajaan. Still-nursing baby elephants are taken from their mothers, immobilized, beaten, and gouged with sharp objects for days at a time. They eventually surrender into submission to a lifetime of exploitation, abuse, and deprivation, with more than 3/4 of elephants living in severely cruel conditions".

In an age when people fight against animal cruelty, and legal systems set laws to punish animal abusers, we can't forget about elephants. Correa says "We usually see cute videos of elephants painting or performing tricks on social media. What too often goes unseen is the ugly truth behind the cruel industry of elephant exploitation for tourism. Although the video leverages from the same terrible activity that we are fighting against, we hope that the message would be powerful enough to make elephant cruelty stop once and for all.". He urges people to "Make their voices heard!".

Set Me Free is a message from a captive elephant, begging people to set them free. Society needs to do better. It needs to help those who can't help themselves. So please, sign the petition so measures can begin to set all enslaved elephants free.

About The Set Me Free video
The Set Me Free video and the petition were created to help set elephants free in Thailand. The petition is to urge Prayut Chan-o-cha and the Tourism Authority of Thailand to put a stop to elephant exploitation.



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