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Seven Tips on Choosing the Right SEO Firm in Vancouver

As an SEO firm in Vancouver, INKYKISS has published a list of seven steps to help businesses and entrepreneurs find the right providers for their needs


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2019 --As a digital boutique, INKYKISS (IK) now offers SEO in Vancouver. As an up and coming team, there's no doubt that the field can be tricky to navigate. Confusion and bad practices run rampant throughout the industry. So, it's important for businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to find a provider who follows best practices and delivers consistent results. Search Engine Optimization is a multi-faceted process that touches many aspects of a business, including the writing, tone, website structure, blogs, and social media. Therefore, finding a provider that fits and understands your brand is just the sensible thing to do.

If achieving better organic rankings in 2019 is part of the to-do list here are some pointers for narrowing down the best fit for Vancouver SEO. For more, go to:

7. Defining needs

What keywords are people using? How fast can results be expected? Are there any other parties involved? Having a list of objectives can be tremendously helpful when it comes finding the right fit. Most SEO consultants in Vancouver will offer a free consultation. This is an excellent opportunity to "interview" the provider and learn more about their process and services. They will also likely provide some insight and help to manage expectations.

6. Tracking data

Businesses that use SEO services will typically see two main benefits—more leads and better leads. It's important that clients also track the data and assess the value being delivered. No data is hidden when it comes to SEO. Tools like Google Analytics can track the volume and inquiries coming through a website. Results from best practices SEO are rarely instant. Instead, there should be a gradual trend of increasing volumes and reduced bounce rates. The payoff is better long term-value—the site won't suddenly drop if backlinking and blogging is paused.

5. Check Google Reviews and other testimonials

SEO consultants can say anything, but reviews objectively focus on results. A quick check of Google or Yelp reviews can be a great way to gauge a company, assess value, or identify potential red flags. Additionally, check out the websites of SEO providers—their style, blogs, and social pages will all provide valuable insight.

4. Ask what services are included

Some Vancouver SEO consultants will provide advice and leave businesses/entrepreneurs to implement. This is fine for anyone with an in-house creative team or those used to hiring contractors. If this isn't the case, then it's best to find a company that provides access to a full scope of writers, designers, and web developers. That way all recommendations and changes can be implemented and monitored by the agency.

3. Decide on a budget

Monthly SEO fees vary widely by provider. Part of what needs to be considered is the industry and competition on Google. Most companies will request a lump sum upfront to optimize an existing website and all on-page content. They will then request an ongoing monthly fee for maintenance, which may include blogging, backlinking, social management, and other tasks. Monthly fees for SEO in Vancouver range from $750—$6000 monthly, so it's a good idea to shop around. Assess business needs against what's being offered. Like any other product or service, value is important.

2. Meet perspective SEO consultants

A good SEO provider will provide performance assessments. Like any partnership, it's important to find someone who fits. A business owner should feel comfortable enough to sit down with their SEO consultant and have a frank discussion about blogs, content strategy, social media and other relevant facets of the campaign.

1. The wrap-up

Last but certainly not least, remember to choose a local SEO provider. While overseas offers can seem tempting cost-wise, a company that provides a local service will have a stronger grasp of language and a better understanding of how to generate high-quality localized backlinks. The latter is particularly important for an effective and powerful strategy that offers solid long-term value.

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