purple diamond testing services

Shake, Drop, Rattle and Freeze

Purple Diamond Testing Services opens a new Testing and Engineering Center


Whitehall, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2008 -- Purple Diamond Testing Services provides product and package testing, validation, engineering services. We service the medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods & electronics industries.

Packaged products can be tested to reproduce the dynamics of a shipment via small parcel (think Fed-ex, UPS, DHL or the Postal service). Pallet loads of product can experience over the road dynamics (18 wheelers) Product fragility is evaluated to ensure robustness (How about making sure that when you drop your digital camera it still works after you pick it up!). Through temperature and humidity testing, products & packages can be frozen, thawed, sent to the tropics or into the desert. All these tests are conducted in our facility utilizing specialized equipment without ever leaving our building.

The Innovation Center concept allows clients to test and evaluate their products and packaging in a laboratory setting. Utilizing vibration, shock, drop and other instruments, products are made more robust, packaging is minimized and materials are optimized.

Our Engineering and design group specializes in package design. We try to design packaging while utilizing sustainable materials that limit our clients’ carbon footprint. From model design, AutoCAD and dimensional drawings to art and copy work. Purple Diamond Testing Services can validate medical devices, assist in master files for pharmaceutical packaging and design Consumer packaged goods.

Contact (http://www.purple-diamond.com) for more information.