Shameful! Fake Exchange Apps in the Cryptocurrency Field Defraud Newbies for Money. How to Prevent Currency Trading Fraud


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2021 --Recently, it is a period of vigorous trading in the cryptocurrency field, and the trading volume of various currencies is gradually increasing under the influence of market conditions. But at this time, some criminals quietly used the prosperity of the cryptocurrency industry to make fake and shoddy apps to cheat.

On January 22, a user reported to that a suspected exchange APP appeared on the network, which quickly attracted the attention of officials dealt with this very quickly and released official statements and newsletters. The following is this news:

Recently,'s risk control department discovered that criminals used fake apps to maliciously guide users to recharge, trade, and recruit partners. solemnly declares that this website and APP have nothing to do with Please be alert to prevent phishing websites, enhance asset security awareness, and avoid financial losses. If the user has logged in to the fake APP with the account and password, please change the password in time (including login password and fund password). Or contact online customer service (please consult customer service on the official website and APP) to ensure asset safety.

In fact, this kind of fraud is not uncommon. The target audience is not old investors who already have some trading experience, but novice investors who have been attracted by the recent booming market conditions of mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also includes some users who have not been carefully screened.

This kind of scam technique confuses users through fake or highly imitation apps, allowing users to log in and register on these apps, then record the login username and password, and try to steal assets on various platforms. In addition, this kind of fake APP also attracts new users through a series of very targeted scams, such as sign-in rewards, invitation rebates, fake community teams, etc., which obviously induce users to recharge funds and then run away.

This wave really has to boast about When I learned that a copycat APP appeared on the Internet, I immediately responded quickly. Conducting large-scale and effective public relations on multiple official channels and media channels is undoubtedly a very effective reminder for users, avoiding the continued success of criminals and protecting users' assets on another level. .

In fact, fraudulent methods such as fake APP have been circulating in the currency circle for a long time. As early as a few years ago, there were fake OKEx and fake Huobi official customer service. According to incomplete statistics, the maximum user loss was more than 300,000 yuan. Therefore, as a participant in the currency circle, you must strengthen your own risk prevention awareness, practice a pair of "wisdom eyes" to see flowers in the mist, and protect your property. After all, no one's money comes from the wind.