SharedHR Launches 100% Paperless Employee on-Boarding Module

Digitizing the employee new hire on-boarding process can be paper intensive and time consuming. SharedHR has launched a module that will save its clients time and money while improving the new hire experience.


San Rafael, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2013 --Hiring and onboarding employees is an administrative pain point for employers. It is one of the most paper intensive HR processes, wasting valuable time and resources. To solve this problem, SharedHR has launched SHR e-Hire which integrates with its HR management system SharedHR Central. SHR e-Hire allows small to medium size employers to automate the on-boarding process, seamlessly create an online personnel file and set up payroll.

Hiring involves the coordinated distribution of multiple forms required by the state and federal agencies, as well as employer-specific documents. Traditionally, this paperwork is assembled and shipped or emailed to candidates. Then the paper chase begins to get the employee to complete and sign the forms, return them to administration who must physically file the documents. Next, someone on the administrative team has to manually enter data, often in several systems, follow a checklist for information distribution, and create the personnel file. This experience is cumbersome, starts the employee off with a negative impression of the employer, and consumes considerable resources.

In partnership with DocuSign , the leading electronic signature verification company, SHR e-Hire offers an automated workflow that allows employers to digitize the document side of hiring by creating electronic new-hire forms that can be completed and signed online. Once completed, the executed documents are automatically stored in SHR Central platform, creating the online personnel file. New hire data, in digital format, can then be forwarded to other systems such as payroll and benefits.

An automated on-boarding process enhances the perception of the employer to candidates, improves the user experience, and significantly reduces the administrative burden of processing documents. “With SHR eHire, employers will shine in the eyes of their new hires and streamline administration. For most small employers there is never the time to focus on administrative processes. Instead of mapping all the steps of the hiring process, it is easier to simply automate it.” commented Paul Finke, CEO of SharedHR. “A candidate receives a clear email with a link to the forms and documents required for employment. The new hire is directed to complete the forms on-line and when he or she is finished, the data and executed documents are captured by SHR eHire. No more hunting for latest 1-9 form or overnight mailing paperwork and chasing around to get it signed and returned.”

A 2012 study by the Boston Consulting Group found that effective onboarding of new hires results in 2.5x the revenue growth and 1.9x the profit margin when compared to less capable peer organizations.

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