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SHARK Sport Watch Take the Market by Storm with Their Newest Design - The Tawny SHARK


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2016 --SHARK Sport Watch, established in 1997, have always created watches which were a step ahead of the competition. That ambition and drive have always been an important part of the SHARK identity. As the ocean creatures do, SHARK always moves forward. With the upcoming release of the Tawny SHARK, they have proven this yet again. The Tawny showcases a modern design. A design which is new, clean, and minimalistic. The care and attention to details are still, as always, present.

The Inspiration and Creation.
The Tawny takes an inspiration from the vastness and darkness of the universe. As the planets orbit the sun, so does the dial of the Tawny. Another important aspect to the design is a minimalistic philosophy. At SHARK, they believe that simplicity is key. They prove it with this elegant design placed in an alloy case. The numbers are removed and replaced by dots that are just barely visible. The 14mm thick case has three thin, elegant dials. The whole idea is that "less is more". The date is seen on the 8 o'clock position and it represents the grand solar system which we all call home. This watch represents the bare necessities of the modern man. Everything else is seen by SHARK as a distraction.

Minimalism does not mean a lack of skill.
Although the design is minimalistic, the Tawny's stylish details are ever-present. The whole process starts with engineers and watchmakers. Each piece, no matter how small, is delicately created. Each step, each process ensures the durability of this watch. Before the watch can be completed, the pieces are controlled and inspected. This particular form of art is then covered by the carefully created dial. Here the design is seen and completed with a mineral glass cover. To finish the Tawny, the crazy horse leather strap is placed. It is 24mm wide. This strap is water tight and strong. It does not allow for creases or tears and guarantees long-lasting durability.

All the special details.
Apart from the delicate details which are not clearly visible, there are those which are showpieces. The Tawny features luminescent markers on the hour and minute hands. The crown-guard gives the watch an enhanced strength. Available in black or pure white, with an option of many secondary colors for the date case. The Tawny, as every SHARK watch, was created with young men in mind. It has a water resistance to 3 ATM. This allows the wearer to lead both a professional and adventurous lifestyle. This modern watch holds a deeper meaning. The concept of the universe and the limited while eternal time. The concept of minimalism and perfection. With the Tawny, less is truly more.

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