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SharpSpring Mail Plus and RevBuilders, the New Wave of Email Marketing

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, RevBuilders signs new client Commission Express Western North Carolina up for transformative email marketing.


Warrenton, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/30/2016 --The partnership with RevBuilders Digital Marketing and SharpSpring has been going on for over 3 years, and there is little wonder why. Their email marketing platform is a great addition to Rebuilder's analysis software, especially with the recent release of SharpSpring Mail+. This program adds a whole new dimension to previous email marketing analyses, as well as better functionality and personalization features. When this program rolled off the market, RevBuilders knew the exact company this would help, Commission Express Western North Carolina.

Commission Express has been focused on providing realtors with advances on commissions when they are most needed. This service allows clients to expand their business with confidence in the same manner as SharpSpring Plus will do for its users. In this update, SharpSpring included a more enhanced behavioral analysis component that will allow clients to see not only when potential customers click on the campaign email, but also what they do after.

"SharpSpring has always been a wonderful tool for our clients. It allowed us to craft personalized email campaigns and landing pages, track calls, find and appeal to the leads more likely to convert, and just in general create an effective campaign for our clients. So we are very excited to use this new SharpSpring Plus system for the Western North Carolina franchise." Said CEO of RevBuilders, Scot Small.

In addition to the improved tracking capabilities, SharpSpring Mail Plus has streamlined email marketing, with a WYSIWYG editor and improved the already responsive email templates. Their new tracking method is similar to the Google Analytics, as the client can view real time the effectiveness of their emails. In addition to this, SharpSpring allows clients to customize the presentation of the date, so that users can get to the exact data they want in a much faster and more efficient manner. For these reasons and more, RevBuilders is gad to set up another franchise with SharpSpring, so that the franchise owner can reap the benefits too.

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