Shawn Anderson

Amazon #1 Author Shares Secret to Staying Motivated when Life "Kicks Your Ass"

Shawn Anderson: "Who wants to keep putting themselves out there when life keeps kicking their ass with defeat after defeat?”


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2016 --Continuously being rejected, failing, and experiencing one tough day after another can be exhausting. According to motivational author and speaker Shawn Anderson, "Living too many bad days in a row can send our confidence and passion down the tubes. Who wants to keep putting themselves out there when life keeps kicking their ass with defeat after defeat?"

Anderson continues, "We would all absolutely love to experience more success in our bank accounts, relationships, careers, health…wherever. But the reason we don't is because we begin to believe the bad days will be all of our days. We start believing rejection and failure have plans for our lives that are opposite of our own goals and dreams…and then we totally cut the string between us and possible success."

Instead of cutting the string, Anderson offers three tips on how we can stay motivated when our results aren't motivating:

First, Anderson says it is important to never stop believing in yourself. "The moment we completely give up on ourselves and our abilities to create our futures is the moment where everything in our lives becomes affected by everyone and everything else…and not us. Screw excuses. Screw 'poor me.' The changes we desire will never happen if we give up on creating them."

Second, Anderson shares, "Never forget you are the cue ball. When the cue ball goes into motion, the other balls on the pool table go into motion, too. If you hear 'no' once, twice or ten times, don't let it stop you from playing. Assume from the beginning that it will take the cue ball being set into motion 100 times in order to eventually succeed. Keep putting yourself in motion."

Third, Anderson says, "Keep sharpening your ax. Hearing 'no' dulls our confidence. The duller we get, the duller our results become. Stay sharp by exercising daily, reading empowering books, and hanging out with inspirational people."

Anderson concludes, "We get one life and there are no do-overs. Why would we ever choose to walk any day with the second best version of ourselves? The day life kicks our ass forever is also the day the best version of ourselves walks out the door forever."

About Shawn Anderson
Anderson, the author of six motivational books including Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos and Extra Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose, is passionately dedicated to empowering others to "live the life they love." Besides writing and speaking, Anderson is the Founder of Extra Mile America, an organization that led 551 cities to declare November 1, 2015, as "Extra Mile Day" - a day to recognize the capacity we each have to create positive change when we go the extra mile.