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Sheep Mats Becomes the Best Anti Fatigue Mats Manufacturer in China


Xiamen, Fujian -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2016 --Sheep Mats is gaining some serious traction in the market of anti fatigue mats. Their results speak for themselves: the corporation's workforces grow steadily, and the list of the satisfied customers is getting bigger every day. Over 8 million mats sold and delivered to homes, offices, factories, and undoubtedly represent the Sheep Mats quality and dedication. Sheep Mats are pioneers in the industry – the first Chinese anti fatigue mats manufacturer.

From the early beginnings in 2006, this organization strives for quality and provides the highest quality products on the worldwide market. For over ten years, the Sheep Mats company is developing their processes of production and the product line to follow the latest trends in the health industry.

"Comfortable standing every day" is the company's slogan and a business statement developed to the finest detail.The company functions as a well-built machinery: every section of the organization is working appropriately, corresponding with others in a timely manner. The main reasons for business's swift development are Research & Development section, besides the hard-working and devoted individuals.

Sheep Mats is the first manufacturer that possesses the TUV Certificate - (Technischer Überwachungsverein, English translation: Technical Inspection Association), among the multitude of other certificates and standards. To name a few: SGS, ISO 9000, ISO 9001, and more.

To earn those certificates, and fulfil the standards of the global markets, products from Sheep Mats pass several examinations before they are released on the market. To guarantee the maximum quality, the personnel check each product several times to be completely confident that the quality standards are met.

Furthermore, the standards in Sheep Mats are high. There are more than a few global quality credentials provided by the company as the standard for class in products, services, and business. Sheep Mats company is modern, vibrant, and apparent. Their official website provides the certificates, a factory tour, and testimonials besides the product line and even case studies.

The product line from Sheep Mats includes:

· Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats
· Standing Desk Mats

· Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats
· Medical Anti-Fatigue Mats
· Salon Anti-Fatigue Mats
· Yoga Mats
· Fitness Mats

About Sheep Mats
The company is a pioneer in the industry, having the extensive knowledge and experience providing quality anti fatigue mats. More than 8million products sold, and millions of satisfied customers tell the story of quality and satisfaction. Sheep Mats company strives for the best quality since 2006 and fights for the global recognition.

If you want to know more about Sheep Mats and their products, visit http://www.sheep-mats.com

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