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Craters & Freighters Phoenix Offers Tips for Buying a Motorcycle out of State


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/29/2014 --Many bike enthusiasts, especially those looking for a unique model, often turn to online retailers to find their ideal road companion. When a seller is out of state this can prove to be an intimidating buying process with many questions to ask prior to the purchase. Craters & Freighters Phoenix, which has custom crated and safely shipped motorcycles for more than 20 years, has shared advice to ensure the motorcycle purchase runs smoothly and arrives without a scratch.

"Your dream motorcycle is out there, but you may have to cover a lot of road to get it into your garage," said Dennis Davies, president and owner of Craters & Freighters Phoenix. "We hope these tips will help simplify the buying process."

1. Evaluate the Seller. In general, it's safer to purchase from a licensed dealer or established site such as eBay or CycleTrader than an individual. These retailers have policies in place to assist the buyer if the product isn't quite as promised and provide dispute resolution. When shopping on eBay be sure to check the customer feedback on the seller's page and look for a high volume of sales with at least 90 percent positive comments.

2. Evaluate the Item. The best way to make a smart motorcycle purchase remotely is to thoroughly research the model. This information will make it easier to ask the right questions and spot any potential issues. Pictures are great evaluation tools so don't hesitate to ask the seller for additional photos or close-ups of particular parts. Once serious about a bike, look up the VIN with an online service such as or to check the vehicle's history. Another way to be more confident in purchasing from an individual is to use an inspection service such as Inspect My Ride to examine the bike in person and provide an independent evaluation.

3. Payment. A direct bank-to-bank transfer is the fastest and most secure way to make a large out-of-state purchase. An escrow service is also safe, but many sellers will not use them because of the delay in payment and high rate of escrow fraud. A cashier's check is another secure option, but the purchase process will take longer because the seller will have to wait for the check to clear.

4. Shipping. After the perfect bike has been found, inspected, and purchased, take steps to ensure it's packaged and shipped correctly. Discuss shipping options and methods with the seller to ensure the vehicle's safe arrival. The two most common tactics are direct hauls and crating. A direct haul is when a company picks up the bike and drives it to the buyer. Crating, however, involves carefully packing the bike securely and using less-than-truckload shipping to deliver the vehicle.

"Direct hauls are convenient for moving an average bike within the United States," added Davies, "However, if the motorcycle is particularly expensive, delicate or needs to be transported internationally, custom crating is the only way to ensure its safe arrival."

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