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Shires Law Clients Express Highly-Satisfied Reviews About Claims Compensation Advice and Service


Gloucester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2017 --Although there may be many personal injury law firms and solicitors around, Shires Law is one firm which has gained a reputation for invaluable service. Its clients enthusiastically explain why.

When it comes to personal injury claims, more individuals already know that they can take advantage of the No Win, No Fee agreement. With this arrangement, individuals seeking a claim for compensation for a personal injury need not spend anything on legal assistance – they will only settle a lawyer's or solicitor's fee if they win and receive their compensation.

But there are many law firms which specialise in personal injury claims nowadays, so it can be a bit difficult for clients to choose the law firm which can give them the exact help they need. This is why reviews from past clients are particularly helpful, because prospective clients can easily see if the service provided by the firm is something that will go beyond their expectations.

At Shires Law, clients have had the right advice and experience, allowing them to win their claims with ease, comfort, and convenience. Some of Shires Law's past clients are very satisfied with the firm's service, as seen from their reviews.

Bill Norton, a former client, attests: "Shires Law stood by me through thick and thin. I've had a couple of injury claims settled with them. I fondly remember them guiding me through the complex procedure of settling a beauty claim with a salon in our neighbourhood. They were hell bent on doing a great negotiation with the adjuster, which finally turned the tide in my favour."

Another client, Jacob Johnson, expresses his satisfaction: "My sister had a real bad experience with a salon in our neighbourhood. She had gone there for a beauty treatment, but it ultimately led to skin burns caused due to negligence. I was quite confused about which PI solicitor to go with; there are so many of them in Gloucester. But a friend had introduced me to Shires Law. These guys stood by us till we achieved a fair amount of compensation, and now I have every reason to believe that they're the best beauty claim solicitors in town!"

As is obvious from this and the many other clients who have expressed satisfaction with Shires Law's service, the law firm is not to be taken lightly, particularly when it comes to personal injury claims - be it a workplace injury, a slip and fall accident, a road accident, or a beauty treatment gone wrong.

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Shires Law is an established law firm offering services for personal injury compensation claims. To find out more about laser burn compensation, visit the Shires Law website.