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Shires Law in Gloucestershire Now Easily Contacted via Facebook and Twitter


Gloucester, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2018 --Social media has become increasingly relevant in recent years, and the law firm of Shires Law understands this – and this is why it is now easier for clients to get in touch with Shires Law through Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+.

There are many people who have fallen victim to various kinds of injuries through no fault of their own, and these injuries can be the result of a road traffic accident, an accident in the workplace, an accident at the beauty salon, and more. Granted, accidents happen all the time, but if the accident is caused by someone else through either negligence, recklessness, ignorance, or other reasons, seeking a claim for compensation may be necessary.

Even a peaceful area like Gloucestershire and its environs has its share of personal injury cases, as personal injuries can be caused by many things. Even the simplest slip and fall in a parking lot can be cause for a claim, especially if a person suffers from a sprain or strain (or worse). Shires Law is one law firm in Gloucestershire which understands the importance of filing a claim, particularly for victims who have no other recourse.

Shires Law, which has its office in Gloucestershire's Mitchell Dean, has been able to assist numerous personal injury victims through the years. Anyone interested in filing a claim can easily contact the law firm or visit its website in order to start their claim, or they can also visit Shires Law's social media accounts.

For those who are looking for answers regarding their claims, Shires Law makes it easier to connect and get in touch with its very own Facebook page as well as Twitter and Google+ accounts. The social media accounts of Shires Law are filled with information as well, especially when it comes to its Facebook page, where clients can leave a message on the page and benefit from articles and videos on the different types of personal injury claims. The different articles available on the Facebook page of Shires Law include topics related to beauty injury claims, burn injury claims, workplace bullying claims, car accident claims, and more. By providing prospective and existing clients additional information and more convenient access via social media, Shires Law proves once again how important it is for it to give 100% support to its clients.

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Shires Law has always made a promise to its clients to deliver the best service for different kinds of personal injury claims. In order to find out how to file an accident at work claim Gloucestershire and other nearby areas, visit the Shires Law website.