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Shires Law Now Offers More Assistance for Occupational Stress and Abuse Claims


Gloucester, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2018 --The workplace is supposed to be an environment which fosters productivity as well as harmony. But if it becomes an environment which is not only stressful but downright abusive, Shires Law can step in. The law firm now offers more assistance for victims of occupational stress and abuse who would like to make a claim.

Nowadays, stress has become a way of life. Most people are stressed and anxious almost on a daily basis, and most individuals see no way out of it. But whilst a mild form of stress is still considered 'normal', there's something else to be said about too much stress – and even abuse – in the workplace.

According to Shires Law, "Stress can be caused by a variety of factors, from abusive co-workers to high pressure to succeed. It's your employer's duty to provide you with a safe place to work and a stress-free environment as much as possible. Stress and abuse claims can be difficult, it is important that the injured party can show a number of factors that have contributed to their illness."

But with the right professional help, a claim for occupational stress and abuse can prove successful. Shires Law adds that clients must be able to prove that their employer was not able to provide them with a safe and stress-free workplace environment or prove that the stress and abuse in the workplace should have been known or obvious to the employer. Another factor which can make a claim successful is whether or not a client can illustrate that their employer was not able to do everything possible to stop or prevent the abuse or stress.

The good news is that Shires Law now offers more assistance in cases of occupational stress and abuse, and its team of solicitors are more well-versed in such situations and how to tackle them in the right and proper way. Anyone can avail of the services of any of Shires Law's solicitors, and the service comes on a No Win, No Fee basis – which means that clients don't have to pay if the case does not win.

Shires Law not only offers premium help and advice – it makes sure to stay with its clients every step of the way to ensure a successful and well-compensated claim.

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