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Shires Law Offers Free Compensation Claims Advice for Victims of Burn Injuries


Gloucester, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2017 --Burn injuries have become all too common, especially when it comes to treatments such as laser hair removal. For those who have suffered from burns due to negligence, ignorance, or the use of faulty equipment or procedures, Shires Law has free invaluable advice.

A visit to the website of Shires Law will immediately introduce visitors to the different types of personal injury claims for which they can claim compensation. The website also features important facts and options related to personal injury claims, such as a compensation calculator and a form which interested parties can fill out in order to learn more about how much their claim is worth.

But one more aspect to Shires Law's website which visitors appreciate is the free advice. Free advice is offered on a regular basis by Shires Law, especially on topics of vital importance such as claims for laser burn injuries, what to expect during laser hair removal treatment, the responsibilities of a technician, how to treat a burn, the levels and categories of burns, and more. But the most important advice given by Shires Law is regarding how to put a claim forward, particularly when one has become a victim of a serious burn or scarring.

For those who have suffered from a laser burn due to laser hair removal treatment, Shires Law has specific advice as well: "You can make a claim if you can prove the negligence or ignorance of the clinician or beauty salon and if you have had injuries ranging from burns to skin infections or skin itching, extreme skin sensitivity, or scarring. You can even make a claim if the clinician removed hair in the wrong area or removed too much hair from a particular area. Your claim can also extend to psychological and emotional damage due to the injury."

Shires Law is also quick to point out that clinicians have a duty of care to their clients, and if they fail in this duty of care, they can be held liable for any injury which occurs as a result. The clinician, Shires Law adds, should never put the client under pressure to go through with the procedure, and they should also provide the client with advice on after-care.

Those who are seeking free advice for their personal injury claim and whether to move forward can get the help and information they need from Shires Law's website. The advice is free, as anyone can view it, and it's up to them to decide later on if they would like further assistance with their claim.

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