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Shires Law Offers Updated Advice on How Much Laser Burn Claims Can Be Worth


Gloucester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2017 --There may be different types of cosmetic and beauty treatments nowadays, and laser treatment is one of them – but incidents of burn injuries and other injuries are on the rise. For those seeking advice on whether a claim is really worth their time, Shires Law has the answer.

There are now many more cases of burn injuries and other types of injuries such as rashes, hypo- and hyper-pigmentation, and more – all related to laser hair removal treatment. This treatment has become more popular than ever, but the issue is that it is not properly regulated. Technicians do not have to be licensed – or even skilled – to perform such procedures, hence the increase in victims of laser treatment injuries.

Those who have undergone laser hair removal treatment and become victim of an injury, be it minor or major, may be understandably hesitant about going forward with a claim. They may think that making a claim will not provide them with adequate compensation, or that going forward with a claim is not worth their time. But for those who have questions about whether their claim is worthwhile, there is one firm which can give them the answer they need: Shires Law.

Shires Law Personal Injury Solicitors has been specialising in all sorts of claims related to different types of injuries (such as workplace injuries, slips and falls, road traffic accident injuries, and more) for a good number of years. As Shires Law proclaims, "We are an approachable and professional firm of lawyers and do operate on a No Win, No Fee policy. Your claim will be dealt with quickly, efficiently, and professionally…Our focus is to get the best outcome possible for you in your compensation claim and to make sure that you can get back to where you were, both financially and personally, before your accident."

The good news is that even before someone applies for compensation, Shires Law can already give them the answers to some of their most pertinent questions, such as whether or not their claim is really worth it – and what their claim is worth. It's as simple as visiting the Shires Law website and filling in a form, aptly labelled 'How much is my claim worth?' and providing Shires Law with basic information such as name, email address, number, and the details of the accident or injury and prospective claim for compensation. One of Shires Law's experienced representatives will then promptly respond to the query and give the answer regarding what the claim is really worth.

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