Shirtes Introduces the Jewel Shirt, Merging Modern Design with Italian Tradition


Pescara, Abruzzo -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2017 --Shirtes has introduced the Jewel Shirt for men and women, combining innovative and refined design without abandoning the classic of the best of Italian design. The company is currently live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Jewel Shirt offers clean and synthetic lines, neutrality of beauty and elegance. With an attention to craftsmanship, Shirtes has created a timeless shirt that envisions wearers valuing it as a prized and unique personal possession. All shirts are tailor-made and offer countless customization options utilizing only highly qualified fabrics and precious buttons to accent.

"Shirtes is an innovative shirt whit the aim of keeping up the Abruzzo's traditions of handcraft production and it certainly brings out the best of made in Italy," says CEO and founder Francesco Paolo. "The quality is our foremost concern, your customized demand is our paramount guideline to deliver the best for you."

Shirtes aims to pave the way to an innovative and refined design with other attention to the company's special buttons, without abandoning the classic of the best Italian tradition. Shirts can be also embellished with golden buttons coming from the oldest type of jewel from Abruzzo region, central Italy: la Presentosa. This accent piece separates Shirtes in the marketplace as traditional and trendy design merge together in order to create a timeless product.

For their launch collection, Shirtes has created a line of men and women shirt designs each with their own signature cut, style and exclusive accessories, all of which reimagine classic Italian design with modern and stylish high-quality looks.

"Shirtes stems from a dream, by the belief that tradition could not be lost," adds Paolo. "It has always existed in my mind when grandma used to sew and weave those fine quality fabrics and let me gently caress them and perceive their timeless value."

The Jewel Shirt from Shirtes is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Shirtes
Shirtes was founded in 2014, in order to give people the opportunity to wear unrivaled pieces of art, completely customized by you. A unique shirt of its kind, entirely handmade in Abruzzo region, Pescara, Italy. Traditional and trendy shirts, also embellished with the oldest jewel of our region, the Presentosa, to which we were inspired by. This is the most outstanding peculiarity that distinguishes our shirts, an absolute, precious novelty.

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