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It Is Easy to Give A Gift to A Prisoner This Year


North Dighton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2020 --There are few things that are more stressful than a long list of loved ones to buy for, only days before the big season of gift giving. This year, for the first time since the beginning of the holiday season, stores across America limited access to the public during the coveted Black Friday shopping extravaganza. Other places like local department stores closed their doors all together, in an effort to slow the spread of the Corona virus. This new era in which we now live, is causing even the oldest members of our communities to find new ways to shop for gifts for their loved ones.

Even with all the changes in our lives, the holiday must go on. People from all around the world have adopted and expanded the latest shopping trend of buying online. Now with families practicing social distancing and canceling family gatherings, gifts are being shipped all around the country and the common carriers have now become our modern-day Santa Clause. Even those who have to buy gifts for incarcerated loved ones are given a hand up this season.

It is no secret that The Nation is under a tremendous strain, but that does not change the driving heart of the hundreds of millions who will give and receive gifts this year. Among those millions is the over two million people locked away in America's prisons, and the over ten million people who are affected by America's Mass Incarceration because of their incarcerated loved one. This, however, is not something you will see in the news, nor do you see advertisements by retailers who are trying to reach a marginalized market. But as always, there are a few companies that rise to the needs of those who suffer the most. Among those companies, Freebird Publishers ( is the leader in gift giving to prisoners. That means that those who have the hardest gift giving burden this year are miles ahead of anyone who shoppes at an average retailer. Freebird Publishers has been the leader in the prison retail game since 2013 and has perfected their web-based shopping, easy credit card payment options, wide list of selected items that can be received inside a prison, and their advanced and wide-reaching shipping options.

Today it is easier to give a gift to a prisoner than it is to many others who may be hard to gather with this holiday season, so give with a big heart and the confidence that you can have in Freebird Publishers.

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