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Shore to Shore Media Web Series "The Afropolitans Project" to Give Insider View of What Immigrant Life Is Like in America

Set to launch in late April, “The Afropolitans Project” will bring first generation African immigrants on an emboldening trek toward non-traditional roles, up close and personal.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2017 --Old school immigrants may think of it as a heretic's call for an anti-traditional mindset. New school first generation immigrants may think of it as a battle cry for creative passion. But what will audiences think? Slated to break barriers come April 28th, 2017 Shore to Shore Media will launch what they're calling a revolutionary look at what it's like to be a immigrant in America. An immigrant in a full-force sprint away from the doctor, lawyer, banker, white collar dreams of their parents.

Centered around dynamic Ethiopian and Nigerian Americans, endeavoring to make a positive global impact through their creative ventures, the web series gives a front row seat. Entertainingly, it will follow Eleni, an Ethiopian musician who came to the U.S. as a refugee. It will follow Jennifer, the creative director of The Beau Monde Society - an eco-friendly fashion boutique, and Ade. Ade is an entrepreneurial life stylist who left accounting to pursue his real estate/event planning dreams. Lastly, audiences will meet Ashley. She is a filmmaker, and host of The GrapevineTV; a panel-style discussion platform that cultural innovators use to dissect the zeitgeist.

Celeste Cristine Thomas, creative director of The Afropolitans Project, said of the mission, "In this web series we'll take our viewers beyond misconceptions they may or may not know they have. To do that, we'll use a working principle that's common to all Americans - the pursuit of happiness. This is where creativity and four African American dream chasers will promote a meeting of the minds regardless of age and racial influences."

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